Full of mysteries and enchanted places, the Ardennes region reveals its darkest sides for Halloween. Ghosts, witches and monsters swarm over the region to frighten both children and adults. For the horror fans among you, here are the top 4 places to get goose bumps…

Durbuy, for a bewitching experience

During the autumn holidays, trolls, fairies and witches take over the smallest town in the world. Entirely decorated and illuminated, Durbuy puts on an evil appearance thanks to a hundred artists present for the occasion. With family or friends, enjoy the market and the ghostly band that will liven up the evening, along with several acrobats and fire juggler shows. In order to prolong your experience, why not stay at this former manor house? You will then be able to visit the Saint Nicolas church, the castle as well as the micro-brewery “La Ferme du Chêne” downtown.

La Roche-en-Ardenne and its haunted fortress

Dating back to the 9th century, the feudal castle of La Roche-en-Ardenne is known to be one of the most beautiful castles of the region. Legend has it that the castle is haunted by Countess Berthe who wanders around at the very place of her death. You may meet her during the autumn holidays as well as Count Dracula and his bats for a bewitching falconry show. Find shelter in this house near the castle or maybe in this marvelous house a few kilometers farther.

The Morépire site in Bertrix

Not for the claustrophobics. Head to the Morépire site, in the slate mine of Bertrix for a journey 25 meters underground. It is actually a two-stage activity. In the afternoon, the younger ones will chase sweets while the older ones will go down the evil pit at night. Beware, for the galleries are full of strange monsters… the objective is to get back to the surface safe and well! If everything goes down well (and we do hope so!), do not hesitate to take some rest in this holiday cottage with typical local architecture.

The mysterious walk around the Castle of Reinhardstein

Starting from Robertville, take part in the mysterious walk around the Castle of Reinhardstein. Several activities and surprises await you along the trail through woods and forests. In order to finish off the day in style, festivities take place in the Haunted Grange where soup, hot wine and beer are served as a reward for your bravery. The trail starts from the Domaine du Barrage site for a 2 hour’s walk.

As the icing on the cake, take some rest in this luxury villa in Ovifat!

What now… trick or treat?