We have to admit, the sun is not always shining in the Ardennes. Whether summer or winter, it may be cloudy and rainy. Enough to put us off enjoying ourselves? No, sir! In this article, I’ll tell you all about the benefits of walking in the rain.

A breath of fresh air

Although it is quite pleasant to cocoon inside your holiday home and read a book by the fire, you will want to take some fresh air once in a while… and you will be quite right! Getting outside allows you to clear your mind and stretch your legs a little bit (which is also a good idea if you want to get rid of the previous day’s raclette calories ?).

Tips to be all geared up!

Of course, walking in the rain requires some preparation and most importantly, some adapted clothing. I thus advise you to be warmly covered without putting too many layers on: you want to feel at ease to walk. The key is to wear a thermal compression shirt as well as a water- and windproof coat, which will prevent you from catching a cold. (OK, I admit this does not sound very engaging, but do read further for the benefits ?).

Finally, put some good shoes on so that your feet won’t get wet (at least for the first 5 minutes). Opt for high shoes like walking shoes or even boots since they will protect you from the muds and puddles you will undoubtedly encounter. And do not forget some quality socks.

Go outside of your comfort zone

Let’s be honest, though, waterproof clothes on or not, you’ll get wet all the same! So do not worry too much and forget the fuss. Yes, your hair will get frizzy, your shoes will be dirty and your clothes will be soaking wet. Just enjoy the moment and forget the rest!

As soon as it rains, we are used to rushing for shelter or getting an umbrella without even looking at the scenery. Today, you will take some time to contemplate the view through the raindrops.

I grant you it will feel awkward at the beginning. Some will find it unpleasant because we have been conditioned to avoid the rain, but keep strong! Yes, the wind will blow and water will stream on your face, but after a while, you will manage to let go and just enjoy the moment.

And what about jumping in puddles instead of avoiding them? Take your children with you, let them guide you, they are experts in this respect! They will tell you how to splash the most water out! Enjoy a convivial family moment full of laughter!

Nature in all its glory

Let yourself be carried away by the nature and all its sensorial stimuli: the colors, the smells (the rain, the trees, the plants, etc.) and… Shush! Listen to the raindrops falling on your coat, on the foliage and in the puddles… how relaxing! Enjoy this slightly different moment, together, away from day-to-day worries.

Wildlife in action

Few walkers dare to go out of their comfort zone and go for a walk when the weather is bad. The less walkers, the less frightning sounds for the animals and the more of them you will get to see. The animals do not like noise and if you remain silent, maybe some will pass you by. As humans, we tend to seek shelter when it rains, but the animals just keep going about their business. And some species (frogs, snails, salamanders, etc.) only go out when it rains! Do not forget your binoculars then and most of all, be respectful of the fauna.

No pain, no gain!

At the end of the walk, you will have a tremendous satisfaction feeling: fresh air will have filled your lungs, your sensory organs will have been stimulated, you will have discovered a new facet of nature and you will be proud of having been through the bad weather.

And you know what? After such a rainy walk, you will enjoy your holiday home all the more! A good bath, a sauna or Jacuzzi session, some hot chocolate by the fireplace… and all this in the company of your loved ones. It’s worth getting wet, isn’t it?

Tell me what you enjoy the most when you go for a walk in the rain. It may inspire many of us ?