Address :
Rue du Hazoir 8, 5080 La Bruyère, Belgique
Duration : 120 minutes

Near Namur, a unique experience awaits you and your family, friends or colleagues: an escape game where time doesn’t matter. The name of the organiser, Le Siroteur (’the syrup maker’), says it all. So there's no need to hurry with this challenge – the aim is to enjoy and discover at your own pace!

The experience takes place outdoors in a pear and apple orchard. It was here that the fruit used to make the local speciality, Pwairet, used to be picked. A delicious pear and apple syrup that was a staple for every family in the region during the 19th century.

This escape game is based on real historical events. Inside the orchard, in groups of 6 to 10 participants, you will search for clues that will lead you to the ingredients, recipe and traditional preparation rituals of Pwairet. No need to rush, as you have between 45 minutes and an hour and a half to complete your mission.

As a bonus, you get to choose between two options to make your experience even more memorable. Firstly, by adding an aperitif. As an Ardennes-étape customer, you will receive a bottle of the delicious local aperitif! Want to make your experience even more unforgettable? Choose the campfire option and play the game as the sun begins to set, with aperitif (and your Ardennes-étape discount) included!

Ardennes-étape Privilege

Ardennes-étape customers receive an exclusive benefit with this experience:

As a group, choose either the aperitif or campfire option and enjoy a free bottle.

When you book a holiday home on our website, you have access to the Ardennes-étape Privilege programme that offers many lovely surprises with our local partners!

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Practical information

Good to know
  • 6 to 10 participants
  • Activity language: French
  • Aperitif option: from €29 pp
  • Campfire option: from €35 pp. The activity starts at dusk (around 7pm) and the aperitif is included.
Contact & booking
Opening hours

From May to October

Opening times: 10am to 7pm

Advance booking required

Address of the experience
Rue du Hazoir 8, 5080 La Bruyère, Belgique

Explore the surroundings

By bike
Namur - La Bruyère
- 1km away
Namur - La Bruyère
- 2km away
On foot
Namur - Namur
- 3km away
By bike
Namur - Namur
- 6km away