Brasserie d’Achouffe

Did you know? Achouffe, situated at the bottom of the Vallée des Fées, at the intersection of the Martin-Moulin and Chevral streams, is one of the smallest and most charming villages in the whole of the Ardennes. Very popular, close to La Roche-en-Ardenne, this typical Ardennes village, with magnificent local stone houses, is home to many secrets and legends that you will look forward to discovering during your stay.

One of its most prized treasures is undoubtedly La Chouffe, the famous elf blonde-style beer that is brewed here, at the Achouffe brewery, where the elf community lives in perfect harmony with the inhabitants and the surrounding nature. This bodes well, as, if you are curious to learn how a brewery operates or - even better - to learn the secrets behind making this particular beer, with its recipe coming straight out of a spell book, you can take a guided tour into the heart of the world of the elves. What better way to discover the secrets of the legend and try to understand where this beverage comes from, the source of their contagious joie de vivre! To quench your thirst and discover all of their beers, head straight for the Chouffe Shop!

It is also the ideal place to find your perfect souvenir, as Marcel and the other elves are very proud to have their faces featured on exclusive clothes, glasses, gadgets and other items! A great experience to share either among friends or with family. Like we said, this place is definitely unlike any other...

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Phone +32 (0)61 23 04 44
Address Achouffe 32, 6666 Houffalize, Belgique