From fishing to cooking, treat yourselves to an initiation

Imagine: the water is calm, the rods are waiting for their lines to become taut, and you are savouring the moment by already imagining the aroma of your evening meal. Because you’ll not only taste a delicious dish. No, this evening, you’ll savour your own freshly caught trout! 

We can already see the pride on your face. And to achieve this mouthwatering result, you can count on Steve’s talents. Yes, your Rando Aventure guide knows all the tricks and tips for fishing and his aim on the day will be to impart them to you. Better still: this fishing initiation will take place around a completely private lake. And for the equipment? Don’t worry about a thing! You just need to follow Steve’s advice to handle your telescopic rod, choose the weight of your bobbers, select your worms or maggots, and much more. And then? The troutare beckoning!  

And if anyone doesn’t want to fish? Don’t worry! Here, nature calls for a gentle life. Anyone can stroll at their own pace around the lake, read a book, lulled by the water lapping or have fun in the playground near the fishing place.  

Your fish on the table! 

Have you never gutted a fish before? Don’t panic! Steve will explain to you how to gut and them and remove their scales. So you’ll not only leave with your fish (in a thermos bag to guarantee freshness), you’ll also have a recipe and the necessary ingredients to make it once you return to the holiday home. Preparation time? Fifteen minutes for a sensational meal that will convince the whole group and you’ll be sure to cook it again at home! 

Practical information 

  • Duration of the experience: 2 to 3 hours(morning or afternoon) 
  • Parking availableon site 
  • Outdoor playground for children  
  • Fishing permit not required 
  • Activity language: French
  • Cafeteria open non-stop
  • Price : Package of 80 Euros
magic wand

A small gift or other exclusive benefit when purchasing your entry ticket(s).

You’ll leave with your fish and a recipe and the ingredients necessary for preparing it 

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Practical informations

Opening hours

Activity possible in the morning or afternoon

For a group of 2 people minimum and 10 people maximum

By appointment ideally one week in advance 

Phone +32.(0)493/81 05 89
Address Rte du Rôba, 4960 Malmedy, Belgique