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Rue de l'Embarcadère 58, 6810 Chiny, Belgique

From Chiny to Lacuisine, Florenville, Martué or Chassepierre: 8 to 22 kilometres in a single or double kayak or a canoe. It’s completely up to you!

Spend a memorable day on the water and pass by amazing unspoilt nature in which many picturesque places are hidden.

Relax while navigating the whimsical Semois river, you can choose out of different routes with different lengths.

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These are the routes that are being presented with the Embarcadère as the departure point (1):

  • CHINY => LACUISINE ... length: 8 km ... duration: approximately 1 hour.
  • CHINY => MARTUE ... length: 12 km ... duration: approximately 1 hour and a half.
  • CHINY => CHASSEPIERRE ... length: 22km ... duration: approximately 4 hours and a half.

There is a possibility to leave from the Saint-Nicolas bridge (2) in Chiny (an additional 4 km)


13 - 35 €

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Rue de l'Embarcadère 58, 6810 Chiny, Belgique


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