Treat yourself to a free fall from the ground with Luxfly

Freefalling - jumping into the void - is a dream... but do heights terrify you, not to mention the idea of throwing yourself out of the door of a small plane mid flight? Why not try the free fall simulator?

That’s exactly what Luxfly is offering! The idea? To enjoy an intense experience in total safety. How does it work? After listening carefully to your certified trainer’s instructions, slip on the necessary equipment (suit, goggles, helmet, etc.) and jump! You’ll dive into the largest wind tunnel in Europe. Once you’ve launched, it's an absolute thrill! Without a plane, at no altitude, the indoor simulator reproduces the sensations of a parachute jump while you’re floating a few metres from the ground. Yes, you’re flying! No need to think or remember to release your parachute: there’s just the pleasure of being alive and feeling this wonderful moment to the max.

During your visit (lasting 1 hour and 30 minutes), you’ll even have the chance to take two 4,000 metre free fall jumps, lasting around 1 minute thirty seconds to two minutes each time.  After this experience, you’ll get a flight certificate and a web link for souvenir photos of this unforgettable experience. 

 So what advantage do you get with Ardennes-étape? You enjoy a €15 discount on entry to the free fall museum! Just enter the code ARDENNESETAPE when you next make a booking. This museum that is unique in Europe – and fascinating! - looks back over the history of parachuting in all its forms. It's great for learning a host of things about the different free fall disciplines. Excitement guaranteed... without the vertigo! The offer is valid for the following packages: Apollo, Pluto, Armstrong, Falcon9, Challenger and Spacex. So remember to tick the museum option! 

Practical information:

  • Experience accessible from the age of 4 years (minors must be accompanied) 
  • Pregnant women cannot take part in this activity
  • Languages: French, Dutch, English and German
  • All participants must arrive 1 hour before their flight
  • You must not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • The activity is not accessible to people who weigh over 120 kg 
  • You must never have had a shoulder injury
  • You must wear a mask throughout the duration of your visit
  • Bring a neck warmer for the activity (on sale on the premises)
magic wand

A small gift or other exclusive benefit when purchasing your entry ticket(s).

Museum entry (worth €15) is free for the following packages: Apollo, Pluto, Armstrong, Falcon9, Challenger et Spacex. Just enter the code ARDENNESETAPE when you next make a booking and tick the museum option. You’ll be required to show your Activity Pass when you visit.

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Practical informations

Range price 79.90 € (adulte) - 64.90 € (4-12 ans)
Opening hours

Book online at:

Phone +32477528566
Website https://www/
Address Rue de Grass 103, 6700 Arlon, Belgique