Distance :
Loop :
Difficulty :
Duration : 1h 54
Elevation gain :
Elevation loss :
Starting point : 50.134611,4.223838
Trail created by Pays des Lacs.

This route immerses you in the bocage landscape, an important part of the ecological network. After leaving the church, the itinerary leads you to explore the ‘château’, which was home to a Forge Master during the 17th century and converted into a farmhouse in the 19th century. The Sorbait bridge, which spans the Ry de Froment, is named in memory of Paul de Sorbait. Born into a humble family in 1624, he became a doctor in Vienna in 1652, then a professor, and finally ended his career as rector of the University of Vienna. Wander away a little along a forest trail and you will reach the ‘Fountain of the Sick’. In the 15th century, this fountain took its name from its curative properties for treating the plague, which was present in Montbliart at the time.

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