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Hotton Caves

The Hotton Caves are the natural jewels of Wallonia and are no less impressive than the bigger Han Caves. Come check out this exceptional site with family or friends and discover the beautiful result produced by time and water!


Caves of Hotton

Descend 70 metres underground and take a six kilometre trip. The magnificent Caves of Hotton let you discover the many different types of stone that have existed in this area for thousands of years. A 70 minute guided tour in French, Dutch or English in an environment of 12 degrees, will give you an extraordinary insight in the way new types of stones are formed. Subtle lighting emphasizes the amazing colours and shapes.

The Caves of Hotton are located in the Calestienne, a very particular geological zone. It is a thin strip between the Ardennes, the Famenne and the Condroz. The Caves of Hotton have only been discovered by coincidence in 1958 - during the operation of a quarry along the Ourthe .

  • Because of the fact The Hotton Caves are so special, they have been classified by the Commission royale des Monuments, Sites et Fouilles and recognised by the Walloon region as natural heritage. This site is packed with little widespread crystallization, stalactites, stalagmites, stone flowers,... Their colors vary between white to ochreous and even dark red, depending on the concentration of pyrite (iron).
  • The recognition that brings the biggest pride to these caves is their 2 stars in the Michelin Guide!

There is so much more to tell about this fantastic attraction. We happily invite you to come and discover its magic yourself during your next stay at the Belgian Ardennes. On site you will surely benefit from the brochure that is given to you upon arrival. On top of that, the tour will provide you from additional interesting facts that will certainly satisfy your curiosity. While waiting for your tour to start, or right after it, you can always take a little detour in the Garden of the Calestienne, right next to the caves.

On site you will also encounter a child's playground with a panoramic view.

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