The collection of labyrinths has a surface that equals 22 football fields, with secret corridors and small alleys that will get you lost. In the labyrinth located near Durbuy, the visitor must find his/her way back with the help of the mythical characters.  It’s great for a family activity to do in the Barvaux Labyrinth.


Labyrinth of Durbuy:unique in Belgium! Once you’re in, you won’t want to come out...
Lose your way in the labyrinth of walls, secret corridors and dead-end alleys. Find your way through this maze thanks to fascinating stories of mythical characters. Take on the challenge, find your way out together with the entire family and meet these intriguing creatures.

The theme of this maze changes every year. The gigantic labyrinth is animated by actors during summer. Come and lose yourself and your family, and meet its intriguing characters.

On more than 11 hectares, a new show, a new drawing, a new maze reveals its paths in order to make its visitors get lost and get lead through a magic adventure. It’s a wonderful attraction in a beautiful environment in nature!

Next to the playground and the cafeteria, you will find a mini maze filled with surprises and fun for younger adventurers (0-8 years old). A third labyrinth filled with wooden fences completes the labyrinth universe.

The labyrinth appeals to all ages,  it’s a 620m² parcours that you absolutely need to discover.

The maze is opened throughout summer. Other activities are opened throughout the year … and so are our houses, so don’t wait any longe rand book via Ardennes-Etape!

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