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Le golf fermier en Ardenne

Farmer's Golf is the perfect activity to have an exciting day with friends or family in the Belgian Ardennes. Unlike regular golf, for farmer's golf the players need only a field. And a larger club.


Farmer's Golf

Do you like golf, but don’t want to spend a fortune embarking on this elite sport? Then pull on your Wellington boots and come and discover the joys of farmyard golf! The concept is imported from the Netherlands and is based on traditional golf, making this low-budget outdoor sport easy to play and great fun – ideal for an outing with family or friends.

It was in 1999 that Dutchman Peter Weenink first put together a golf course through the fields. Determined not to be out of pocket, he decided simply to create just the actual holes themselves and let the natural surroundings provide the obstacles. So he adjusted his equipment to suit the tougher terrain. And – voilà! – “boerengolf” was born.

Watched by the gallery at the various greens (i.e. our friends the cows), you can enjoy your round and take a bracing walk through the Ardennes valleys at the same time.

What equipment do you get when you play?

Instead of a club, you get a little wooden clog attached to a long handle. The ball is made from leather and is approximately 14 centimetres in diameter (four timers the size of a normal golf ball!)

How do you play?

The first team tees off towards the first hole, then the next team and so on. Each player in the team hits the ball in turn. You count the number of shots you need to get the ball into the hole. At the end of the game, the team that takes the fewest shots wins.

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