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Marché d'Aubel


Aubel Market

The Aubel area’s local produce has a reputation for quality that has spread far afield. Its specialities include pear and apple syrups, Herve cheese and Aubel butter. In addition to these well-known delicacies, you’ll find lots of other gastronomic treasures at the market: hand-made cheeses of all sorts, free-range eggs, vegetables, meat, delicatessen wares, fruit, snails, ciders, beer and more.

A stroll through Aubel’s market is a must, if only for the atmosphere and as a feast for the eyes. Colours, sounds and scents all contribute to the sense of being in a world apart. Musical groups perform regularly in the marketplace, which also plays host to painters in early September. 

You’ll find parking for 400 cars in the immediate vicinity of the market, beside the sports hall. Just follow the signs marked “P - Hall Omnisports”.

Enquiries: Pays d'Aubel Tourist Office - +32.87680139

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