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La Petite Batte de Bomal

A pleasant Sunday street market in the streets of Bomal-sur-Ourthe. People come from far away to experience the unique atmosphere.


La Petite Batte Market in Durbuy

Not for every random market visitors come by autobus from very far away. Indeed so for La Petite Batte street market in Bomal-sur-Ourthe, the Sunday morning market in this village of Durbuy in the heart of the Belgian Ardennes.

No matter the weather. When it’s raining just as on a sunny Sunday morning, the 200 market vendors a La Petite Batte attract great crowds.

La Petite Batte is the baby brother of La Batte in Liège. Rendez-vous every Sunday morning at 9 a.m. for this unique and cosy street market.

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