The 2024 Ardennes flea market calendar

Do you enjoy hunting for treasure? If so, you’re in the right place! Ardennes-étape has found some good tips for bargain hunters to explore the Ardennes and its flea markets.

You must be familiar with the feeling you get walking through a flea market: first, a sense of nostalgia, as you gaze at the aisles filled with old objects, full of history and memories. If only the objects could talk, they would have so much to tell us!

Then comes the excitement of finding that little gem, before anyone else, for your personal collection or to decorate your home. You keep your eyes open, on the lookout for a good deal! You have the impression you are able to find unique pieces, which can’t be found elsewhere.

Our advice?

First of all, arrive early! If you get there at the crack of dawn, you have the best chance of finding a rare gem. Imagine: dawn is breaking, the second-hand dealers have almost finished setting up. You are virtually the only person browsing the stalls and corridors filled with all kinds of relics. You are lucky enough to be able to explore this unique collection at daybreak.

Our second tip: be curious and ask questions. Each trinket has its own story. It’s a great way to connect with the past and find objects that have lots to tell. You might even find items that evoke childhood memories.

Lastly, consider negotiating the price or buy several items, as this will reduce the cost. Another tip is that if you are very interested in a piece, wait until the very end of the flea market. You could be fortunate and get it for a song if the second-hand dealers are looking to get rid of their stock.

Follow the guide

We have discovered the complete 2024 calendar of regular and occasional flea markets in Wallonia, just for you. Click the link below to download your mini guide in PDF format.


You can also find hard copies of the mini guide for free at tourist information centres and some bookshops.

Would you like to get your hands on the 2025 flea market calendar as soon as it’s published? It couldn’t be easier! You can have it sent straight to your mailbox. Simply transfer €5 to account number BE96-0004-4880-0105. In the reference field, specify your name and postal address. It is published in April.

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