52.6 km Ardennes mountain bike ride in Durbuy

Rendezvous in the emblematic Ardennes city of Durbuy for a loop packed with stunning views. This fairly technical mountain bike route, with an elevation of 928 m, takes you through some of the region’s most beautiful spots, passing through woodland and a number of small villages. Rider Thomas Meurens tells us his story.

La trace de cette sortie vélo est disponible sur l’event du club Strava Ardennes-étape.


This mountain bike route kicks off in a convenient location, in front of a big café located ‘right next to a bike shop, where you can rent one or more bikes for the ride’, explains Thomas Meurens.

A climb to get things started

‘To get out of Durbuy, you have no choice: you have to climb. To do so, as a warm-up, you're going to have to ride along a stretch of tarmac that, although not very long, is incredibly steep.’

Photographer: Michael Maga-ao | Source: Unsplash

Your motivation? The view, of course! ‘At the top of this short climb, you’ll be met with beautiful views of Durbuy and the surrounding region.’

Once the view has sufficiently wetted your appetite for adventure, you’ll then be entering the forest. ‘After diving through a small wood, you’ll find yourself re-emerging right by Adventure Valley.’

Through the villages

‘Once clear of the main road, you’ll be heading straight back into the forest. There, you’ll enjoy a nice and easy ride over some long, wide paths, before making your way towards nearby My. After passing through this small village, it’s time to go back into the woods, where you’ll be faced with a few twists and turns, albeit nothing too challenging.’

Next, we go to Erezée. ‘There, you’ll take on a small 340 m climb, taking you to the highest point of the entire ride.’

Quick tip: ‘Be sure to take in the beautiful scenery, as it’s well worth a look!’

Photographer: Pierre Pauquay | Copyright: SPRL Cernix

Next up: Morville. ’Here, we once again find ourselves pretty high up.’ At this point, the end of the route is very much in sight. ’We then head for Bomal, descending approximately 300 m along the way.’

A gentle finish

’Where there’s a descent, there’s a climb. After hitting the final climb, we gently descend back into Durbuy.’

Any final tips? ‘Be sure to enjoy the magnificent views after leaving Bomal. Just sit back and enjoy the slow descent back into Durbuy.’

After riding, make the most of it!

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Thomas Meurens Profile

The 26-year-old primary school teacher from Spa enjoys riding both on the road or woodland trails. He shares his passion for cycling through the CBM Racing Team, which he set up, and of which Ardennes-étape is a proud sponsor.
CBM Racing Team embodies a real spirit of family and adventure! Thomas sees it as a team of winners. A competitive spirit in his own right, this is something he passes on to his teammates. Among his proudest achievements is his participation in the Transmaurienne Ultra: 'This was the most difficult race I have done to date. It combined a distance of no fewer than 270 km with 10,000 m of climbing. What I remember most about this race is how challenging, yet beautiful, it all was.’ This memory is testament to the level of passion driving this Ardennes mountain bike rider!
Photographer: Emeline Delporte

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