7 places to see in the Ardennes to boost your Instagram

With its beautiful natural landscapes in all seasons, the Ardennes is a photographer’s paradise. Vertiginous rocks, mysterious forests, roaring torrents, magnificent caves… We have selected seven places to take dreamy photos and videos, just a step away from home. Follow us: your stories and your Instagram feed will be even more impressive!


Belgian Canyon at the Fondry des Chiens

This nature reserve is one of the most amazing sites in Belgium. The canyon, formed by rain erosion on very calcareous soil over thousands of years, offers a spectacular and breathtaking panoramic view, where the grey rock mixes with rare vegetation and delicate flora. This setting is reminiscent of Provence and Mediterranean landscapes. And this similarity is also reflected in the location. The Fondry des Chiens is located on the heights of Nismes (with two « s », near Viroinval, not in the Gard!).

Insta Tip: play with the contrast between the imposing rocks and the fragile flora to create a nice balance in your photos.


  • spectacular and breathtaking panoramic view with the grey rock
  • Nature reserve in Nismes
  • Belgian canyon at the Fondry des Chiens
  • Canyon Fondry des Chiens


Mountain air along the Ninglinspo

The Ninglinspo is the only mountain river of our not-so-flat country. This 6 km walk is simply one of the most beautiful to do in the Ardennes. It will take you along breathtaking waterfalls, through adventurous trails and several climbs into an enchanting forest worthy of Tolkien. Set near Aywaille and Remouchamps, you can make this walk with the family. Children will find plenty of places to build dams. Remember to wear good walking shoes (there are some tough climbs)… and to bring water sandals!

Insta Tip: add mystery to your images by playing with the light: let the sun through the branches, play against the light… All tricks are allowed in this magical setting.


  • breathtaking waterfalls Ninglinspo
  • The Ninglinspo is the only mountain river of our not-so-flat country
  • The Ninglinspo sets near Aywaille and Remouchamps
  • Trails along the Ninglinspo


Rock and water, under the captivating charm of Dinant

The city of Adolphe Sax is a small gem that is starting to attract foreign tourists. And that’s understandable. Nestled on a hillside, against the rock, Dinant displays its charming old houses along the Meuse. Among its remarkable places, we like the nicely carved bell tower of the Collegiate church, the impressive Bayard Rock, the Citadel of Dinant, and, less known, the Marvelous Cave. To visit, you can go on the water by taking a cruise on the Meuse or take the air route aboard the cable car. Dinant has everything that makes the Condroz beautiful.

Insta Tip: This is the perfect place for dynamic photos and videos. From the boat or the cable car, try to shoot in motion, you can capture moments that you wouldn’t have imagined… Blurred areas? It’s OK! This accentuates the movement and adds life to your images.


  • Beautiful view of Dinant
  • Dinant by night
  • Jazz festival in Dinant
  • Few activities possible in Dinant


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Amazing colours at the Bayehon Waterfall

The region of the High Fens is full of wonders in all seasons. For dreamy pictures, go to the Bayehon waterfall, set close to Longfaye (Malmedy) in a preserved natural site. With a height of 9 meters, the waterfall is more impressive after a few days of bad weather (which is not too difficult in Belgium). The colour of the water will especially surprise you. Its red reflections can be confusing, but it is a natural phenomenon. The water that flows here circulated through rocks loaded with iron. Therefore, the red colour is explained by the metal in the water, which oxidizes in contact with air, as the water comes out of the rocks. To get to the waterfall, consider following our mountain bike tour in the Eastern Townships.

Insta Tip: to bring out the purple tones of the water, take your shots at the golden hour, when the sun goes down and diffuses a warm golden light, which magnifies landscapes and accentuates warm tones.


  • Bayehon waterfall Bayehon
  • Bayehon waterfall in the High Fens
  • Preserved natual site close to Longfaye
  • Bayehon waterfall in the Ardennes


Medieval atmosphere in Bouillon

From the top of its rocky promontory, overlooking the meanders of the Semois, the Castle of Bouillon looks imposing. It can be visited all year long during the day and offers some particularly photogenic spots, such as the Vauban staircase and the loopholes overlooking the Semois valley. For a mysterious Game Of Thrones atmosphere, we recommend the falconry show or a torchlight night tour. To capture birds of prey, use the burst mode. And at night, choose your favourite mood and alternate shooting with and without flash.

Insta Tip: this castle has been photographed millions of times, so try bold angles to make your feed stand out! For example: take your shots from the loopholes (which frame the image naturally), shoot details in close-up, combine the natural elements (rock, water, greenery…).

Adventurous and romantic shots along the Hoëgne

The valley of Hoëgne stretches in the region of Verviers. With its bridges and waterfalls, this romantic walk is also very sporty and offers a real adventure playground. This wild valley earned its reputation long ago. Already during the Belle-Époque, the Belgian nobility declared it « as adventurous as the Congo. » The good news is that the trip is shorter and cheaper! What we especially like here is the increasing pace. The trail, the valley and the river become rougher as the walk progresses.

Insta Tip: translate this rhythm in your own way with a series of increasingly wild photos and/or stories.


  • Wild valley of Hoëgne, in the region of Verviers
  • Valley of Hoëgne
  • Walk in Solwaster
  • Walk in the Hoegne in Solwaster


Underground video in the caves of Hotton


This site, listed as Wallonia’s exceptional heritage, holds terrific surprises in a timeless atmosphere. With or without a flash, according to the style of your Insta feed, you can immortalize this 30 meters deep gorge, with the torrent roaring at the bottom and rock formations of a thousand shapes and colours (some look as fine as draperies!). And, to make the most of it, dress warmly when you visit the Hotton Caves: it’s always cold.

Insta Tip: this place is ideal for a « sound ON » video story because the underground river resonates impressively in the caves. Sound and lights 65 meters underground (a legend for your story, it’s a gift!).

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