“Al bass hé” a 4 km walk in Durbuy

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“Al bass hé” a 4 km walk in Durbuy

This time I take a family out for a 4 km walk on the heights of Heyd in Durbuy. This easy route is quite accessible and will take you through rural landscapes and splendid landscapes.




4 km


Starting Point

Col de Rideux, Heyd

Meeting with the family

This time I wanted to talk about the walk in a slightly different way. Instead of just telling what I personally think of it, I decided to have it tested by a family so that they may share their own impressions with you. After searching a little bit, I found a family that were willing to try to 4 km walk through the lovely landscapes of Heyd, a lovely hamlet in the region of Durbuy. And here I am, meeting Denis, Maga, their 7-year-old son Camille, their 4-year-old daughter Adelaïde, as well as their 4-month-old cocker, Lewis (knowing how much I love animals, guess how excited I am !). Seeing them all smiling, I can’t help thinking “wow, the perfect family! ” I hope I will be able to make the same impression some day ?! And we even may enjoy some sun today! Let’s get rolling!

Plenty of things to do in the woods!

The starting point is the Col du Rideux at the intersection of the Al Rotche Kinet street and Pierressart street, a signpost tells us which direction to take. It is quite easy to know where to go, just follow the green diamond. For a few kilometres, we first go through a wood. The path is shady, which is nice because the sun is blazing. To Camille and Adelaïde’s greatest delight, several trunks are lying along the path, which make for perfect would-be gymnastic beams! Even Lewis tried to follow them, but he is not fit enough yet!

During my solitary scouting walk, I had thought that walking 1 km through a wood could be boring for children… how wrong was I ! The forest is so exciting! And Magda and Denis enjoy to liven up the walk. It is now time for some improvised hide and seek game!

Along the path, each natural feature makes for a game: a stick becomes a javelin to be thrown far away, a puddle becomes an obstacle to be jumped over… Even Lewis uses a pine cone as a new doggie ball. How fun!

Flowered walk

We now get to an intersection between several paths and quickly spot the signpost; we proceed further. The wood along the path now turns into a lovely clearing. The clearing is actually a flowered field that makes you want to run around in it! The path is also bordered by wild flowers: clovers, dandelions, buttercups, daisies, etc. Magda and Adélaïde set out to pick a couple of them to make a bouquet. And that is when they discover… wild strawberries! They are all tiny and lovely, Camille plucks some of these. He has a handful of them! Unfortunately, some wild strawberries are not edible; it is better to leave them, then.

The walk goes further. There are more and more trees along the path and a sort of canopy now appears above our heads. We then hear the sound of a small brook streaming. The children get closer and play around while Lewis quenches its thirst. How peaceful!

Holy cows!

A little bit further, we get to a big wooden farmhouse. The German shepherd dog standing guard frightens us a bit, so we hurry and keep walking before it makes short work of small Lewis. Tip: a little bit further, in front of the farmhouse, you may climb a small embankment. You will be able to admire a lovely view over the surroundings pastures from there! We then bare right. It gets steep. Camille begins to lose heart, but not for long, because cows come to meet us! Camille tries to find something to feed a cow with while Lewis has only one gesture in mind: getting across the fence to run after those big beasts.

And to top it all off

And now comes the most beautiful section of the walk. We walk on a path bordered by flowered fields with a view overs the surroundings pastures… splendid! As far as I am concerned, I could stay there for hours! The view is gorgeous, it smells like summer and butterflies are out. The only thing Camille is not happy about is the heat. The route is in the open sun and somewhat steep, which makes it more difficult. Lewis finds it hard too. The small and happy puppy seems exhausted and takes a break whenever possible. To be honest, he has walked too much for its young age. Denis lifts it up for the rest of the walk. In the meantime, Camille found a away to pull himself together… just splash some water on your face, your hair and T-shirt with a bottle of water. Completely soaked to the skin, he sets off again smiling!

A little bit further, a new panorama appears. The quarry of Préalle is to be seen in the distance. The walk almost reaches to its end, we now get to a small intersection on the heights of Heyd. We only need to bare right to find our way back to the car. The children are now tired. Denis, as perfect father, goes get the car while Magda waits with the children.

As promised, I now let this charming family take the floor to share their impressions of this lovely walk. As you may have guessed, whatever your age, you will find something to your liking!

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