Beautiful walk in the valley of the Hoëgne

Do you want to avoid the hustle and bustle of the Ninglinspo? Then we have the perfect walk for you! The beautiful valley of the Hoëgne is half an hour's drive from the Ninglinspo and is the ideal place for an unforgettable hike, a romantic picnic or some splashing water adventure.

The Hoëgne River is located in the High Fens and is a fantastic water stream of 30 km long. What makes this river so characteristic are the small water rapids and the dark colour of the water. There is a lot of iron in the soil and this causes the brown color.

The Ardennes are of course known for their beautiful green forests and that is no different here! You will enjoy magnificent views during your hike along the Hoëgne river and also the ancient "Pont de la Vecquee". This bridge is part of the Gallo-Roman road "La Vecquée" which runs through the Ardennes and ends at Baraque Michel.

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3, 2, 1... Start!

The walk starts at the 'Pont de Belleheid' car park where you can park your car for free. To enter the car park, take your car for a short walk through the river. Don't worry, this is only 10 centimeters of water but it's a great start of the adventure. 

The start of the Hoëgne walk is clearly visible through the wooden frame and the indication of the blue/white cross.

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The walk is 10 kilometres long from start to finish and forms an adventurous loop with wooden bridges, stairs and stone formations. You can also splash your feet in the water at any time during the summer season as the walk runs along the tranquil river all the time. 

After the effort, relaxation!

You're on half way when you walk up the old 'Vecquee' bridge. From here the walk leads back to the parking but on the opposite bank of the river. The highest point is at the 'Belvédère' where you can enjoy a panoramic view over the Hoëgne valley. If you got here, you've already climbed 200 meters, top!

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Now you've earned a drink. So settle down at brasserie Chalet de Pont de Belleheid before walking back to the car park and enjoy a Belgian beer on the terrace.

Take the kids with you!

This walk is ideal for children from 6 years old to romp around along the water. However, it is important to warn the children at some bridges to be careful as there is often no railing. 

Unfortunately, the road through the various wooden staircases is not accessible for prams or people with reduced mobility. 

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What to bring

  • Water shoes to play in the river.
  • Large bottle of water or snack, because the first bar is only after 10 km.
  • A handy backpack, so you don't feel the weight on your shoulders.
  • Legs that are ready to go!

Good to know

  • The walk takes about 2.5 hours.
  • The white foam you see on the river is not pollution but just a natural soap made by the river itself.
  • There is a nice picnic area about 2 km from the start with benches, dustbins and a shelter.

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