Conquering the treasures of the Ardennes

Ahoy, sailors! Put on your walking shoes, bring your compasses and join me on dry land… It’s time for us to go on a treasure hunt! According to a very old legend, this treasure is in a vast region full of enchanting places called the Ardennes. Bring your family and mates with you because we have a long way to go.


At the Castle of Lognes

Our first stop is at the Castle of Lognes, in the ​​Palogne Domain, the hideout of the terrible « wild boars of the Ardennes ». Someone told me that a goat covered with jewels, la Gatte d’Or, is the holder of the treasure we are seeking and that it prowls in the undergrounds of the castle. Our quest will be fraught with pitfalls and hardships, such as shooting with a bow and arrow and with a catapult, challenges that we will have to overcome… So, comrades, practice well before leaving. And we can rest a bit during the falconry show.

At the Avenature Domain in Vielsalm

Then we will have to go to the Avenature domain, located on the edge of the Grand Bois de Vielsalm National Forest. Equipped with a compass, a roadbook or a GPS, some honorable instructors will guide us throughout our journey. But be careful, some say that the baron of a certain brotherhood, who holds the secret of longevity, will make anyone who tries to discover his secret disappear forever…

In Houffalize

To continue, we’ll head to Houffalize where we will choose our own method of exploration, thanks to One Step, an organization that offers attractive and tailor-made activities, such as hiking, kayaking, trekking… In addition to these professionals, our maps and GPS will lead us through the many challenges and puzzles to solve. Each obstacle that we overcome will bring us closer to fortune, so do not give up!

At the Orval Abbey or La Roche-en-Ardenne

Finally, we’ll go to the Gaume, around the Orval Abbey, or to La Roche-en-Ardenne with our mobile phones. We will find different treasures depending on what we are looking for, choosing is up to us. Thanks to Gemotions, a Belgian site with presence everywhere in Belgium and abroad, we’ll receive several messages to enlighten us on the distances and the durations between each stage of the challenge.

On a larger scale, some say that there are several chests hidden around the world. Many adventurers go in pursuit of these chests, browsing cities and diverse lands. You can also find this practice, called Géocaching, everywhere in Belgium…

No time to lose, let’s go to the Ardennes!