Mountain bike trail in the Eastern Townships

As a sports and cycling enthusiast, I will take you out to discover the Eastern Townships. I prepared an original route for you, one accessible to everyone. 30km of mountain bike from the Lake of Robertville We will stop by beautiful panoramas, the castle of Reinhardstein as well as the High Fens plateau.




30 km

Difference in height

460 m


2h – 2h30

Regular bicycle or mountain bike, it is up to you!

I love both. Each has its advantages and disadvantages: the mountain bike is clearly more playful and allows you to be directly in contact with nature. On the other hand, you may get back home full of scratches and the face full of mud. But a mud bath is good for the skin, so they say. A mountain bike demands more maintenance than a regular bicycle. I do not always have the courage to wash my mountain bike after an exhausting outing…

The regular bicycle is easier to mount for a short outing during the week, for example. It is also a very good training for your legs and it may be a good start if you plan a mountain bike outing later. Both are complementary, anyway. And in both cases, you will get rock-hard calfs and thighs! Whatever the model, your legs will harden!

Another advantage of both bicycle types is that you will be able to discover more territory than on foot.

A walk starting from the lake of Robertville

Here is one of my favourite routes because it is varied, slightly hilly, but accessible to all except for a couple of more technical sections. But you are still free to dismount at these moments. This 30 km loop hosts the most beautiful tourist points of the Eastern Townships and High Fens. Find the route here and follow my wheel, lads!

The starting point of this walk is the Lake of Robertville. Parking-lot on site. When the weather allows it, it is possible to swim in the lake, which allows the less sporty persons to wait while enjoying some fresh water. You may also hire pedal boats, electric boats and kayaks, a perfect activity for both children and adults. An artificial beach with sand is also at your disposal to enter the water slowly. And for the reckless ones, there is a diving board and a trampoline.

Several points of interest

The route will take you through woods and fields. Right at the beginning, you will pass close to the castle of Reinhardstein. It is the first point of interest and the first lovely view you will get to see.

After a steep slope, you will get to the bridge crossing the Bayehon on the Longfaye-Ovifat road. You will then go down the Vallée du Bayehon along the river via typical wooden bridges. You will then get to the Bayehon waterfall, the highest one in Belgium. This is the second point of interest of the walk.

You then continue until the Mont Rigi. This will be a slightly more difficult section through a moor due to tree roots. You will then get to the Signal de Botrange, the highest point of Belgium (694m). This is the third point of interest of the walk. When you arrive on the High Fens plateau, you will admire a splendid panorama over the moors and fens stretching endlessly in the distance. A real paradise for walkers and cyclists!

An immersive journey through the Fens

The second part is greener and easier. You will go to the Eau noire parking lot and then plunge into the Fagne de Sourbrodt where you will find single tracks and duck-boards, wooden elevated paths designed to not get stuck in the mud. One of my favourite sections. Beware, it may be wet and more technical.

When you are back in Outrewarche and then Robertville, you will be able to let go and speed up a little.

After effort comes comfort! You will be able to eat and drink something on site. You will also be able to enjoy a swim in this relaxing natural environment.

Let us know in the comment section how you enjoyed your mountain bike outing in the Ardennes. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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