Mountain bike trip to La Roche-en-Ardenne on a route put together by Thomas Meurens

Here we have a tough mountain bike loop that is as fun as it is challenging, starting and finishing in La Roche-en-Ardenne. The 47.3 km route boasts varied climbs (D+ 901 m), combined with fun descents and breathtaking panoramas!

The track of this bike ride is available on the Strava of Ardennes-étape.


Découvrez la Perle des Ardennes en VTT

One of the reasons why the small town of La Roche-en-Ardenne is so popular with tourists is its location, nestled along the river bend inside the Ourthe valley.

Thomas Meurens is truly under its spell! ’It's a lovely place to go for a wander, whether on foot or by bike.’

man riding bicycle on river during daytime

However, for those picturing a scene of pure tranquillity, think again – and hold on to your handlebars! ‘For this route, you’ll need to brig your leg game, as we’ll be climbing from the very outset. For a short while, that’s all we’ll be doing. However, you’ll find that the scenery is well worth it. We may be climbing but we’re still having a good time, and that's amazing!’

An all-uphill mountain bike ride

‘After following this famous climb for a good 10 km, we reach a crescendo, arriving in Samrée, then heading in the direction of Borzée. Here, you'll have to make the most of the descent, as at Maboge, after passing a campsite and a few chalets, we go up again! However, this is only a gentle, not-so-steep climb.’

After reaching the top, you can relax (a little). ‘From the top of the hill, you can then ride back down. It's not too technical, anyone can enjoy it and that's what it’s all about!’

Photographer: Jan Kopřiva | Source: UnsplashPhotographer: Jan Kopřiva | Source: Unsplash

However, try not to get too carried away because, as you can imagine, Thomas Meurens has a few more surprises up his sleeve. ‘Once we've finished enjoying this section, we then ride near Ronchamps and take the descent into the village of Petit-Halleux. From there, we take a final descent through the woods and finish with 2 or 3 km of smooth tarmac into La Roche, where you can take in the splendid view of the town. Be sure to stop by the side of the road to take some souvenir photos.’

After riding, make the most of it!

Take the time to explore the area at your leisure by booking a holiday home in the heart of this beautiful region. Take all the time in the world to stroll along the Ourthe, visit the castle ruins and, above all, spend some quality moments with family and friends, all in the comfort of your bike-friendly holiday home.


Thomas Meurens Profile

The 26-year-old primary school teacher from Spa enjoys riding both on the road or woodland trails. He shares his passion for cycling through the CBM Racing Team, which he set up, and of which Ardennes-étape is a proud sponsor.
CBM Racing Team embodies a real spirit of family and adventure! Thomas sees it as a team of winners. A competitive spirit in his own right, this is something he passes on to his teammates. Among his proudest achievements is his participation in the Transmaurienne Ultra: 'This was the most difficult race I have done to date. It combined a distance of no fewer than 270 km with 10,000 m of climbing. What I remember most about this race is how challenging, yet beautiful, it all was.’ This memory is testament to the level of passion driving this Ardennes mountain bike rider!

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