My SityTrail premium access as an Ardennes-étape customer

When you book an Ardennes-étape holiday home, you automatically get access to all kinds of advantages with our 250 partners offering all sorts of interesting activities.

For example, you will receive one month of free access to all the premium features of the SityTrail hiking and cycling app and the more than 2,500 trails in the Ardenneslisted there. Read all about it below.

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What is SityTrail?

SityTrail is an extremely useful app that makes all your outings that much easier and more engaging:

  • Offline access to topographical maps: never get lost again!
  • Numerous ready-made trails to download and follow
  • Create your own trails in advance
  • Overview of your distance covered, the altitude profile of your trail, your average speed, calories burned, etc.
  • Save your completed trails and archive them for later
  • For hiking, cycling, and horseback riding
SityTrail voordeel bij Ardennes-étape
Copyright: Martin Dellicour

What SityTrail advantages do I enjoy as an Ardennes-étape customer?

When you book a holiday home with Ardennes-étape, you get one month’s access to all the premium features of the SityTrail app. Super handy!

How do I enjoy my SityTrail advantage as an Ardennes-étape customer?

Two weeks before your arrival, you will receive an email with a personal link that will allow you to create a SityTrail account. Then you’ll be able to enjoy all the Premium features of the SityTrail app for one month.

Convenient: you’ll also find the link to your SityTrail premium access in the ‘advantages’section of your Customer Account on the Ardennes-étape website.

  1. Click this link.
  2. Create your SityTrail account.
  3. You will receive a confirmation email.
  4. Download the SityTrail app from the App Store (Apple) or Google Play Store (Android).
  5. You can now enjoy the Premium features of the SityTrail app for one month.

How do I find a trail near my Ardennes-étape holiday home?

Ardennes-étape has more than 2,500 great trails in the Ardennes for you. You can easily discoverthese on the spot via your Premium access to the SityTrail app on your smartphone.

Want to plan a trail in advance? The easiest way to do this is via our website on your computer.

In advance via the Ardennes-étape website

  1. Click ‘Hikes’ in the upper right corner.
  2. Under ‘By category’, scroll to the type of trail you are looking for: on foot, by bike, etc.
  3. Under ‘By destination’, enter the location of your holiday home and click ‘Find it’.
  4. You can narrow down the results here even further by filtering on distance, elevation gain/loss, etc. Then click the trail of your choosing.
  5. A detailed description will appear.
  6. Do you like the trail? Next to the map of the trail, click ‘Open SityTrail’.
  7. Using the SityTrail app on your smartphone, scan the QR code to download the trail. These have now been automatically added into the SityTrail app on your smartphone.

On site via your Premium access to the SityTrail app

At the top of the home screen, tap the binocularsicon (1), tap ‘GPS location’(2), and choose the radius within which you want to search(3).


At the top of the home screen, tap the globe icon (1) and tap ‘Nearby trails’ (2) at the bottom. All the trails close to your holiday home will then automatically appear (3).

  1. Download the trail of your choice.
  2. Step out the door of your holiday home and into an adventure!

How does the SityTrail app work?

The SityTrail app works very efficiently and intuitively:

  1. Choose a trail.
  2. Tap ‘Open’.
  3. The map with your trail is downloaded and appears on your screen.
  4. The green flag indicates the start of your trail and the red flag is the finish.
  5. Tap ‘Go’ to start the trail and simply follow the red arrow.
  6. The map displays exactly where you are and which direction you need to go.
  7. Are you coming to a crossroads? Tap the ‘compass’ icon and move your screen in the direction of the paths in front of you to easily spot the right path.
  8. Did you deviate from the trail? A voice message from the app gets you right back on track.
  9. Click the ‘cross’ icon to the left of the trail name (at the bottom of the screen) to exit your trail at the end.

The app also offers a lot of advanced features. Want to master all the finer points of the app? This video explains everything in detail:

You will also find a complete user manual in the SityTrail app itself. It’s convenient when you’re already on the trail!

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Photographer: Martin Dellicour | Copyright: Martin Dellicour