The PackRaft, a new authentic experience in the Ardennes

Thrill-seekers, you will be delighted: the PackRaft, a concept that comes straight from Alaska, is now available in the Nature Park of the two Ourthes in the Ardennes. Now there is no need to choose between hiking and kayaking, you can do both on the same day… A unique experience in the Belgian Ardennes, in the heart of nature!

A fun and unique activity in the Ardennes

Its name comes from the contraction of « rafting » and « pack », the PackRaft is an activity that has already attracted many tourists in the Ardennes. The Belgian association, supervised by Luc Van Ouystel, allows the public to try this new activity. But what exactly is it?

The idea is simple: the PackRaft consists of an inflatable boat that is easily transportable in a backpack. With a maximum weight of 3kg, this invention allows you to alternate hiking trails and navigating on the water. The boat inflates in just 10 minutes thanks to its inflation bag, which is good news, since you wouldn’t want to blow it up yourself! Once on the water, you can guide your boat with removable paddles.

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A day of discovery with PackRaft

Equipped with good walking shoes and a backpack, you are ready to enjoy this unique experience offered by Pack and Raft, among others. The day begins with a small hike in the countryside from Nadrin. A few kilometres are enough to reach the boat launching point in the heart of the valley of the two Ourthes. The place is perfect for a small picnic offered by the team.

Once the break is over, it’s time to board the boats for an original and magical ride on Lake Nisramont. The water is relatively calm, which allows you to fully enjoy the the incredible surrounding scenery. If you are looking for thrills, you can take your backpack around the dam of the lake to ride on the Ourthe.

The descent ends around Herou, a designated heritage site of Wallonia, where you can admire the magnificent view of the Ourthe and its meanders. Offering an exceptional flora and fauna, the Ardennes massif reveals itself to visitors and allows them to live a rich and authentic experience. In the late afternoon, head back to the starting point to finish the activity.

An activity for everyone

Whether with family or friends, among adults or with children, PackRaft adapts to all skill levels. Good to know: if you want to try this adventure with young children, there is also a two-seat PackRaft available. The hike is done according to the rhythm of your group. And the boat glides whether the waters are calm or more lively. Just remember that these excursions are only offered on weekends and are always guided.

Would you like to try this extraordinary activity? Then don’t hesitate to experience this adventure and bring your family to the Ardennes for an active and rejuvenating stay! Find some Ardennes-Etape holiday homes near the valley of the Ourthes, near Houffalize or La Roche-en-Ardenne, such as.

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