Pascal & Christiane: Gourmet walks near Durbuy

Let me take you to a small village in the Durbuy region. I have not yet parked my car and I am already charmed by this hamlet. Old houses that have been recently renovated, a small church in the centre of the village, greenery all around me, and finally the cottage I was looking for… an old building that proudly displays its date of construction: 1801! It is Christiane and Pascal, owners of this splendid house and seasoned walkers, who greet me and share with me their passion for walks, nature, and old stones.

Christiane, what are the different walks that are possible from your cottage?

From the cottage, there are three beautiful walks that guests can take, they are two, five and 12 kilometres long. These are the walks that we recommend to our guests when they do not want to take their car. Just leave the house and you can immediately enjoy nature.

For example, the 5 km walk is ideal if you have children. It can be done on foot or by bike. It goes to the small village of Ocquier in which there is a playground, a bakery, a restaurant, and especially in summer… an outdoor pool! It is a nice walk to do with family.

On the other hand, the 12-kilometre hike is sportier. It is not suitable for families with young children. The landscapes follow one another without resembling each other… with climbs and descents also (laughter).

And in the Durbuy region, are there walks to do?

In general, Durbuy and its surroundings offer many marked trails to walk, bike or even to go horseback riding. If anything, there are too many choices! We have a whole series of maps at the disposal of our guests so that they can take full advantage of this. A guest could ask me to prepare an itineraryfor a week and I would have no trouble building a diverse program!

But we must not forget that we are in a hilly area. It goes up, it goes down, it goes up, it goes down… Some guests arrive full of energy, ready to walk many kilometres. And some are disillusioned after some climbs! (laughter)

In this region, there are also old farms, castles, old stone mills. The architectural heritage is really superb. – Christiane

What can people see during these walks?

Lots of things! If you love nature or old stones, you will be pleased.

We are located in the Valley of Néblon, this stream has its source in the small village of Vervoz, an old Villa Romana. The small stream punctuates the walks from the cottage, it’s really pretty. There are also charming paths, linden trees, groves, etc. Summer is a paradise for birds! They chirp everywhere in their broods. The ecosystem is really rich.

In this region, there are also old farms, castles, old stone mills. The architectural heritage is really superb.

In fact, the landscape is not monotonous! I think that’s what our guests like most.

And if we want to have a bite, are there any nice places you’d recommend?

There are two excellent places close to the cottage, which we have tested and approved… many times! (Laughter) They are perfect to include in gourmet walks.

As mentioned before, the 5 km walk takes you to Ocquier. There is a brewery-restaurant that we recommend. It’s « Le Cap des 3 provinces ». There is a small terrace and it is very nice to eat there. This is what I call a « creative-craftsmanship ». Their specialty is meatballs of the three provinces: three meatballs with three different sauces. It is really delicious!

In the centre of the village, there is a gourmet restaurant « La Ferme des oliviers ». The setting is really pretty. The chef works with local products and the menu changes regularly. You can even taste homemade chocolate when in season! A good tip: remember to make a reservation. The restaurant is very successful and it’s usually full.

And if we want to cook at the cottage?

Many guests like to cook at the cottage. We have arranged a nice and inviting kitchen! This is really a nice place to prepare small dishes. You can go to the « Organic Garden Pourquoi pas!« . From May to October, you will find seasonal vegetables to cook with. It is just 2 km away from the cottage. You can easily make a round trip on foot.

It is also not uncommon for our guests to drive to the weekly market in Barvaux-sur-Ourthe or to La Petite Batte de Bomal, a street market that takes place on Sunday mornings. It’s THE place to be on Sunday! Plus, you can walk along the water and there is also a playground.

Do you provide guests with bicycles, for example?

Yes, we have two bicycles available and a garage for storage. We also have a meadow to accommodate our guests’ horse. In the region, there are many trails for riders. My husband is himself a big fan of equestrian hikes! He knows the area very well and can make recommendations to anyone who practices this sport.

After all this, guests will definitely need to recover!

That is what the cottage is for. In summer, you can relax on the terrace or around a good barbecue. In autumn or winter, there is also a very popular activity… playing board games with family or friends around a nice fire!

Stay in this beautiful holiday home

Enjoy a weekend in Durbuy to go hiking and to stay in Pascal and Christiane ‘s holiday home!

This getaway in the Ardennes will definitely do you well ?