RAVeL : family bicycle outing in the Euregio

Feel like discovering the beautiful landscapes of the Ardennes region in an original and magical way? The Fens RAVeL and its 125 km of cycle tracks between Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg offer unique and little-known panoramas.




Difference in height




The Fens RAVeL is an essential must for bicycle tourism enthusiasts looking for some nature immersion. This track winds from Aix-la-Chapelle to Troisvierges over 125 km. This RAVeL route is one of the longest cycle tracks in Europe laid out on former railway tracks! Everybody may go at their own pace. It is even recommended to dawdle on the way. Here are at least two good reasons for it!

Go slowly along the RAVeL

Travelling all the way through the Vennbahn in one day is nonsense. You must go slowly at it, if possible in two or three days. This pace is ideal both for adults and children. The route is actually presented in three sections adapted to a peaceful rhythm: 46 km from Aix to Monschau, 44 km from Monschau to Saint-Vith and 32 km from Saint-Vith to Troisvierges. These distances allow you to enjoy the landscapes in family and to respect the children’s sport abilities. The best option is to book a long weekend and dedicate each day to one section. Each evening, after a day’s sport, you will get back to your comfortable holiday house to have a well-deserved rest!

The RAVeL to be blown away

The High Fens look different at each season. Our favourite moments are the spring and autumn seasons. At Easter time, for example, the view is absolutely gorgeous all the way down the asphalt track. The spring setting actually keeps changing! The spruce forests are followed by peat-bogs and then by thereeks of the romantic valley of the Our River. In the autumn season, the High Fens take on beautiful colours. There is no word to describe the beauty of those inflamed landscapes!

Detours to enjoy local products

If your legs still allow it, you may briefly leave the RAVeL route and head to the Signal de Botrange, the highest point of Belgium with an altitude of 700m. It is a good occasion to bring an epicurean touch to your trip: the Peak Beer brewery is indeed just a couple of hundreds of meters farther. You may also leave your bicycle for a couple of hours and explore the medieval cities of Kornelimunster, Monschau or Burg-Reuland on foot. These little towns have kept the historic charm of the old little towns of the Belgian Ardennes and German Eifel.

The RAVeL, the ideal route?

A bicycle trip along the RAVeL is an ideal family outing for your next stay in the East Cantons.

In order to enjoy this green route to the fullest, you may hire regular or electric bikes. Many holiday houses have a garage or safe area to store your bicycle between each section.

The RAVeL is the ideal route to discover the Ardennes region with your friends or family. With little difference in elevation, a car-free track and beautiful landscapes, this route will guarantee a perfect and quiet family outing!

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