Tested and approved: a forest bath in Tenneville

A forest bath? No shampoo or rubber ducky needed here. What you will need, though, is a good pair of walking shoes, because this unforgettable experience will sweep you along on a journey through nature where you will encounter your deepest self.

Back to nature

Humans have spent 99% of their time on this earth surrounded by nature and its rich resources. Considering the thousands of years that humans have lived on this planet, urbanisation is a brand-new concept. Do you live in a big city like Brussels, Antwerp, Leuven? Then a forest bath is an unforgettable experience that you certainly won’t want to miss during your stay in the Ardennes!

What exactly is a forest bath? It is an experience that heightens your senses in a serene environment, where you can let go of everything and become one with nature again.

S.I. Champlon Tenneville offers you several forest baths at Tenneville all year round and with a number of qualified guides. That’s where we met our eco-guide Delphine. This cheerful lady will accompany you on a customised walk in the woods of Tenneville and immerse you in the sounds of nature.

A magical start

Have you ever stopped to think that when you are walking you actually spend a lot of time looking at your feet? Delphine helps you become fully aware of the way you walk and how simple, yet important, movements can increase your connection with your surroundings.

These short exercises allow you to discover pure tranquillity and forget for a moment all the stresses of everyday life.

For whom?

The forest bath experience in Tenneville is suitable for everyone! The walks are mapped out by the experts at S.I. Champlon Tenneville. Would you prefer a shorter walk, or are you looking for a more elaborate experience? It's all possible, because Delphine chooses a tailor-made route for you – the route you will feel most comfortable with.

Our Ardennes-étape customers have already tested this experience especially for you.

It was a beautiful moment in the middle of nature. We all felt connected, and it was extra special for me to be able to share it with my closest friends.

What’s the plan?

You start your forest bath, wearing your best walking shoes, at the time you choose. First, you will receive a word of explanation about the region and what the experience entails. After that, therapist Delphine will guide you through the forest where numerous exercises await you, such as:

  • Walking blind
  • Feeling the energy of the elements around you
  • Breathing exercises
  • The power of listening
  • Pure relaxation

To ensure that everyone always feels at ease, all of the exercises can be adapted to the needs of your group. After each exercise, Delphine will ask if anyone would like to share with the group how they experienced the elements of the exercise. This sharing strengthens the bonds amongst your group of friends or family.

How long does the activity take?

A forest bath takes about 1h30 to 3 hours depending on the guide and your wishes. If you have specific requests, you can always send an e-mail to tenneville@baindeforet.be.

How many people can participate together in this activity?

In order to guarantee a great experience, a maximum of 12 participants is allowed. A limited group will ensure that you can relax completely during the activity.

How do you reserve your forest bath?

Find here the information about our partner and consult the agenda of the next baths. You can register for the activity here. You will then receive the exact location of the guided walk a few days in advance of the event.

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Is this activity something for you? Then don't hesitate a minute longer. Surf to https://www.baindeforet.be/events to order your forest bath experience! After your activity, take a photo and share it on our Instagram page by tagging us with @ardennes_etape. We look forward to sharing your beautiful moments!