Tested & approved: BattleKart WEX in Marche-en-Famenne

Are you looking for a great, adrenaline-filled activity for the whole family or would you like to organise a team-building event that’s got a little extra panache? Head to BattleKart in WEX! You’ll come out laughing and, what’s more, everyone can join in as it is 100% safe, even for the faint of heart.

What is BattleKart?

BattleKart is a mix of video games, augmented reality, and electric karting that will give you an unforgettable experience with unparalleled sensations. You get into your kart and load the video game you want to play on the ground. This includes a variety of video games, such as a Mario-Kart lookalike, a crazy race, karting football, or even the age-old snake game.

Once the game is displayed on the ground, each player is invited to come onto the field and an explanation is displayed on the screen of your kart. The explanations are simple and clear so that you know exactly what to do during the video game. Shoot other players, race to be the fastest, or work in teams to achieve victory. There’s something for everyone. Plus, you don’t play the game; you play IN the game!

What games can you play?

Upon your arrival at BattleKart WEX, you step into a completely converted bus that now serves as a cafeteria and reception area. Here, you choose how long and how many games you want to play. Each game is projected onto the ground by hundreds of projector lights during your chosen time period.

Are you there to strengthen your team during a team-building event? Then select ‘team mode’. Here, you can play different games and all the points are added up per game. That way, at the end of your turn, you have an ultimate winner! This winner will also get their place of honour on the stage where a photobooth will automatically take your picture and send it to your email address.

The following games are available:

- BattleRace: Race around the track for three laps and try to slow down your opponent by throwing objects at them that you can find on the track.

- BattleColor: Each player receives a colour linked to their kart. The goal is to fill as many squares as possible with your colour before the end of the game. Speed is required here!

- BattleSnake: You remember the old Snake game from the first mobile phones. You have to collect as many balls as possible and carry them behind you like a tail. But beware! Another player can destroy your tail and then you start again from scratch!

- BattleVirus: This is truly a team game! Try to stop the deadly virus together by shooting it with your go-kart. But beware! This game has multiple levels and gets harder with each one. It’s the ideal game to boost team spirit among your group of friends, your family, or your group of colleagues.

- BattleFoot: Play a game of football and divide your group into two teams. Use your kart to crash into the ball, send it straight into the goal, and score! Who will be the fastest of your group?

Is BattleKart safe?

BattleKart is completely safe because everything is electronically secured! It is impossible to collide in the way that traditional karting does, for example. All BattleKart karts are connected to each other, so if you start driving towards another player at full speed, the kart will automatically slow down and come to a stop. Therefore, helmets are not required for BattleKart.

However, you must be at least 145 cm tall to drive a kart independently. This is necessary because you have to be able to work the pedals yourself. The seats are adjustable for taller people.

Does the BattleKart go fast?

Despite not having to wear a helmet, the BattleKart does go fast! Because achieving a certain speed is the whole point of BattleKart, the organisation ensures that a maximum of 12 karts are allowed on the track at any one time. This allows you to reach a good speed without getting in anyone else’s way! The playing field is 3,500 m², and you can explore every nook and cranny.

How do you book this activity?

Book your place online at the BattleKart website by choosing your location, how many games you would like to book, and how many players will be joining you. You can see which times are still available here. Easy peasy, right?

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