Tested: An unforgettable day at La P’tite Ferme Balthazard

Rabbits, chicks, goats, alpacas, and more! Do you want to see your little ones’ eyes light up when they discover this wild bunch? Discover the unique Ardennes-Etape experience at La P’tite Ferme Balthazard where young and old will have a great afternoon in the natural setting of the Ardennes.

A unique experience

Have you always wanted to have fun with the children on the farm? Today, Juliette (2), Elise (5), and their parents Laura and Michaël are trying out the unique country life experience with Harmonie, owner of La P’tite Ferme Balthazard.

La P’tite ferme Balthazard

The tour begins with an introduction to this welcoming family’s mascot, Bulle! Bulle is the dog who leads all the children around the farm and lovingly ensures that everyone has a great time. While Bulle gets to know Juliette and Elise, Harmonie shows them the animals that can be seen on the farm and teaches the kids about the different species.

Cuddling with the animals

Time to meet all the animals for yourself! Armed with a bucket full of food and a big smile, the children walk towards the animals. Harmonie lets them touch the animals one by one and introduces them because yes, all these animals are part of her big family and each one gets its own name. For example, we have: Rosie the pig, Panpan the rabbit, Antivol the donkey, and many more lovely creatures.

It’s time for the parents to overcome their fears and take a closer look at the animals. Did you know that chickens, for example, use their wings mainly for balance and that if you place them on your arm, they won’t move? Laura got to experience this fun fact herself during this interactive day at the farm!

La P’tite ferme Balthazard

Golfing among the animals

Now that Juliette and Elise have made friends with all the animals, it’s time for a very unique activity. You can play golf among the animals at La P’tite Ferme Balthazard in the Ardennes! The donkeys Santoline and Antivol accompany you from hole to hole until the winner is known, while Dalaï the alpaca plays referee from a distance. The game is made so that both young and old can have fun during this family activity.

Did someone say pancakes?!

What better way to end the day than with a delicious pancake made with farm-fresh eggs? Ardennes-Etape provides a complete pancake kit during this tailor-made experience, with the eggs collected by the children, to make fresh pancakes for the whole family in your holiday home!

What’s the verdict?

And now the most important question, what did the family think of this day at the farm?

I really enjoyed the visit to the animals. The fact that you are close to them is really wonderful, being able to touch them, cuddle them… The explanations are also very good, clear, and accessible to everyone. –Laura (mum)
I liked the time with the baby bunnies the most because they are super cute. I also liked the dog that always came along because he was very sweet. –Elisa (5)
Harmonie gives very clear explanations and lets the children participate in all activities, such as feeding the animals. The girls enjoyed that immensely. –Michael (dad)
La P’tite ferme Balthazard

I’m going to the farm and I’m taking…

Would you like to come and enjoy this unforgettable experience among the animals? Then don’t forget the following items:

  • Your boots or closed shoes, as it can be a bit slippery in rainy weather
  • Your sun hat and water bottle when it’s hot
  • Clothes that can get dirty
La P’tite ferme Balthazard

How do you book this activity?

Has this activity totally piqued your curiosity? Grab the kids, pull on your wellies, and book your day! You can book this activity by calling Harmonie, the owner of La P’tite Ferme Balthazard, on +32(0)494 11 32 56 and giving your Ardennes-Etape reservation number. Thanks to your Ardennes-Etape stay, you’ll have access to this tailor-made activity.

Once there, show Harmonie your Ardennes-Etape Activity Pass. During this VIP day, this activity is available for your group only. This way, no one else is present and you won’t have to share your special day with anyone. As a result, places for this activity fill up quickly. So book your trip to La P’tite Ferme Balthazard early.

La P’tite ferme Balthazard

How long does it take?

The visit to the farm takes about three hours, during which you can meet every animal and cuddle with the gentlest of them all. And to top it all off, you get the pancake kit with fresh eggs to make your own pancakes for your family in your holiday home.

What does it cost?

This activity costs 10 euros per person based on a minimum number of participants of 5 people. Are you with fewer than five people? Then the cost is €50 for your group.

La P’tite ferme Balthazard

No holiday home yet?

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