We’ve tried it for you: a walk to pick mushrooms

How to recognize mushroomscooking mushroomsHello autumn! We love this season: nature reveals its myriad colours, the weather gets colder and we think about lighting the wood fire and cosying up in the evening... It’s also the season for little culinary treats and the most beautiful forest walks. There are so many things that make us love this time of the year! And why not combine it all and organise a walk through the countryside, picking mushrooms along the way? We’ve tried it out for you!


Are you ready? Let's go!

Get your equipment ready: good walking shoes, a basket, a knife, a good jacket and your camera too! You’ll see that the prettiest forest photos are taken in autumn: the yellow, orange and red colours are a real feast for the eyes. And in addition to mushrooms, you’ll gather some gems for your photo album. Have you got it all? Alright, then let's get started!

Follow the guide

Start your walk by picking all the mushrooms that you find on your path. Big ones, little ones, red ones, brown ones, mauve ones... some you’ll know, others you’ll discover on the way. Dare to go off the beaten track and head into the forest.

Mushroom picking


Vanessa will be your guide for the day! She’s passionate about the Ardennes and knows the varieties of mushrooms like the back of her hand. Once your basket is full, she’ll show you which mushrooms are edible and will give you instructions on how to recognise and cook them. A fun activity full of wonderful surprises.

Mushrooms in the Ardennes


Playful walk


How to recognize mushrooms


Discover the mushrooms of our forests

Over to you!

Once you have everything you need, set off to discover the ‘right’ mushrooms. Will you know how to recognise them? Boletes, ceps, chanterelles... mmm: our mouths are starting to water.

Basket of mushrooms

And after the effort, the reward!

Vanessa is saving a little surprise for you because you're going to cook a few of the mushrooms you’ve found, taste them on toast and even try a wonderful soup simmered with love. A well-deserved culinary experience after your walk.

cooking mushrooms

Back home

... With a basket full of mushrooms! Continue this activity at home and spend some time in the kitchen to surprise your guests. And why not in a holiday home, on a family trip? Ardennes-étape offers you sublime houses that are perfect to take advantage of autumn happiness.

You get to choose! Chalets and houses with wood fires and ever so soft plaids...



chalet ardennes

Do you want to try out this experience, too?

Get in contact with Vanessa, who will be delighted to guide you in the Jalhay region. This experience is possible in season (from the end of September to the beginning of November). Vanessa only provides a guided walk in French. Dogs allowed. Price: 10 euros per person. Minimum 8 people (5 euros for children under 10).

The Ardennes-étape Experience benefit? Tasting a lovely autumn soup and mushroom toast.

Contact:Email: vanessa.autunno@gmail.com Telephone: +32(0)499 457204

Share your best photos with us!

Post your most beautiful photos of mushrooms or autumn landscapes and tag us @ardennes_etape! We can’t wait to see them.