What is the SityTrail advantage?

Did you book one of Ardennes-étape’s 2000 holiday homes? Then you get numerous benefits from more than 250 partners as well as a premium SityTrail subscription during your stay! This will allow you to enjoy more than 2000 free hikes close to your holiday home.

The Ardennes-étape privilege advantages

When you book a holiday home with Ardennes-étape, you immediately get access to Ardennes-étape Privilege. With this:

  • You can enjoy all kinds of exclusive discounts or benefits at our 200 tourism partners;
  • You get unique experiences reserved for Ardennes-étape customers
  • You get a free premium SityTrail subscription for one month from the first day of your stay. You get access to more than 2500 walks in the vicinity of your holiday home.
ardennes-étape privilege

What is SityTrail?

SityTrail is a mobile GPS application for tours on all paths around the world. In cooperation with Ardennes-Etape, this partner offers more than 2500 free hikes for Ardennes-Etape customers.

The App records your trips and takes HD geo-tagged photos of your adventures, shows your distance travelled, mileage, average speed, pace and calories burned and provides an accurate altimeter, altitude difference calculation and altitude profile.

In addition, you can download topographic world maps for offline use so that you will never get lost during your next trip in the Ardennes.

SityTrail voordeel bij Ardennes-étape
Copyright: Martin Dellicour

How do I enjoy my SityTrail subscription?

Did you book a holiday home with Ardennes-étape? If so, you can enjoy a free one-month premium SityTrail subscription during your stay in the Ardennes.

Go to your customer account on the Ardennes-étape website, log in and go to the section "advantages". Here you will find a link with your personal SityTrail code 15 days before your stay. When you click on it, you will be invited to create a new SityTrail account and fill out your code.

Another way is to copy your personal SityTrail code from your "stay confirmation mail" that you receive in your mailbox 15 days before your stay and enter it when you create your new account.

Photographer: Emeline Delporte

Once you click on the link, you will be directed to the following screen. Here your code will appear automatically and you can click on validate.

Did you create your new SityTrail account with your premium code or link your code to an existing SityTrail account? Excellent! Now you can proceed to the next step, downloading the SityTrail App.

How do I download the SityTrail App?

Download the SityTrail App for free from the Appstore or Playstore on your phone.Here you log in with the data you entered earlier to access the premium version during your stay.

SityTrail App

How does the SityTrail App work?

Would you like to know what you can do with the SityTrail App? Watch the video below!

How to discover the Ardennes-Etape hikes?

Once your account is activated you can click on the binoculars at the top and you will be directed to SityTrail's search page. Here you can see all the Ardennes-Etape hikes we have selected for you! Press this button and start filtering the walk that suits you best.

SityTrail en Ardennes-étape

Want to make it easy on yourself? Then open the map and type in your destination under the magnifying glass. Here you can now see all the walks close to your holiday home. Some even leave from the doorstep of your home! How’s that for convenient?

SityTrail voordeel bij Ardennes-étape

Once you have chosen a walk, press the red arrow to download the walk. This gives you access to the built-in GPS function to track your walk even when offline.

Photographer: Emeline Delporte

Is SityTrail also handy for cycling?

Certainly! You can use SityTrail for hiking but also for cycling, mountain biking or even horse riding. You can choose this by using the filter on the app (filter by activity). Of course, you can also filter by distance, quality and difficulty level.

Is your SityTrail subscription not available?

Have you just booked a stay but can you still see a SityTrail link in your customer account? Not to worry! Your link will appear 15 days before your arrivalin your holiday home and will be available for one month during your stay.

Find all walks on Ardennes-Etape

Once you have downloaded the SityTrail App, you can also find all walks on the Ardennes-Etape website. Filter the walks according to the destination of your stay and choose the ideal walk for you.

Found a walk? Then press the green button "I open SityTrail" under “Ardennes-Etape Privilege" and your hike will automatically appear in the SityTrail app on your mobile phone.

Now you can fully enjoy the built-in GPS function within the app that even guides you offline during the walk. Want to get lost in the Ardennes, discover beautiful places and enjoy your hike? That is exactly what we want to offer you with this Ardennes-Etape privilege. Your SityTrail subscription remains valid for one month from your arrival date in the holiday home.

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