Five things to do with your dog in the Ardennes.

Your beloved pooch is so much more than a dog – they are very much part of the family! So why not try getting them involved in a favourite pastime, or better still, try something new together? Good news! We've put together five fun activities for you to both let off steam, all while enjoying the beautiful scenery.

Take a packrafting adventure on the Semois river through the town of Bouillon.

Rise at dawn, put on your hiking boots and go to meet your personal guide to discover the joys of packrafting. Sylvain will guide you through winding paths to the Semois. Picture it: all is calm. Nature is slowly waking up around you. You hear the water lapping, the sun is starting to show its face. Sounds like a dream, no? Once you arrive at the river's edge, you will inflate your boat, clamber aboard and glide along the riverbank for an enriching and zen-like experience!

Max is sure to love this refreshing and thrilling new adventure. This will be a true test of your friendship, with them having to place all of their trust and confidence in you.

Packrafting adventure with your dog
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Go for a mountain bike ride

Ever heard of bikejoring? This sport allows you and your dog to share in your love of cycling, while also getting a good amount of exercise. If you've never tried it before, here are some tips for getting started:

First of all, for your safety and that of your dog, be sure to get a high bar, an adjustable leash and a harness. Start off by doing short sessions and teaching them the commands. Your pooch should be positioned alongside you, but not too close to the wheels. Together, you will work to establish the right pace. It's a real team effort!

Many of our mountain-bike rental partners in the Ardennes, such as Ardenne-vtt, will happily drop your bikes off directly to your holiday home.

Bikejoring in the Ardennes
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Kayak down the Lesse in Dinant

Yes, like all dogs, Max loves the water! So why not take him kayaking with you? Take on a trip down the Lesse for an all-out thrilling experience. Break up your aquatic escapade with Dinant's sublime scenery, rocky peaks and castles.

Think you'll reach your destination without getting (too) wet? Kayaks are often made from hard plastic. To prevent your four-legged friend from slipping, be sure to bring a towel for added safety. Do not attempt this activity under direct sunshine, as it may become too hot.

Kayakking with your dog
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Take Max with you on your next run

If you’re a fan of the trails, your dog may already be used to running alongside you. This discipline is known as canicross. As with mountain biking, running allows Max to let off steam, socialise and deepen your shared bond.

But where to go? We have already found you the perfect trail station in Herbeumont. With six trails and four training workshops, run through the forest and down to the Semois river, ideal for cooling off – and getting your paws wet! A real playground for you and your dog.

Run with your dog
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Do Stand-up Paddle Boarding on Nisramont lake

The weather’s fine, the sun is out: Let's try out Paddle Boarding, a sport to take very gently. It’s an original activity to do if you’re in the La Roche-en-Ardenne region.

Test your balance with Max and try and stand up... We can’t promise that you'll stay completely dry, above all if your doggie tends to jump in the water... But between you and me, that’s the fun part don’t you think?

Paddle with dog
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Go for a walk and discover the Ardennes' most beautiful spots

Last but not least: the walks! With over 2,000 dedicated routes to download, explore everything the Ardennes has to offer with Ardennes-étape.

Seeing as our furry little friends love the water, we suggest you head to Robertville for a tour of the lake, or Jalhay to check out the incredible Gileppe dam, and of course without forgetting the stunning Lacs de l'Eau d'Heure, where you can enjoy beautiful walks along the waterthrough its lakes, countryside and forests.

Take a deep breath of fresh air as you stimulate all five of Max's senses in the stunning Ardennes countryside.

Be sure to respect any markings and follow directions from your Sitytrail app!

The most beautiful walks with your dog
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Good to know

Here are a few tips for when doing sports activities with your dog:

  • Adapt the activity to your dog's physical condition
  • Avoid exercising in hot weather
  • Remember to keep your dog well hydrated and take frequent breaks
  • Wait until your dog has fully digested before exercising and do not feed them directly after exercise
  • If you have a young dog, it will still be developing and may therefore not be able to keep up with you in terms of physical activity
  • When it comes to packrafting and kayaking, if your dog is afraid of the water, remember to take a life jacket
  • Keep your dog on a lead to avoid accidents and respect the biodiversity and other animals

Walk in the woods with your dog

Treat yourself to a dog-friendly stay in the Ardennes and enjoy every moment with Max and the rest of the family. Want your dream home with a jacuzzi, fireplace, garden, sauna, etc.? Find your happiness:


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