Be a chocolatier for a day

Soft ganache, crunchy praline, hazelnut flavours, Madagascan vanilla, orange blossom… Don’t all these make your mouth water? If so, it’s time to immerse yourselves in the tasty ‘Chocolatier for a day’ workshop in your holiday home, provided by Pascal Bedeur.  

Kids and grownups, we can sense your enthusiasm to discover his chocolate-making secrets! For 1 hour and 30 minutes, the expert chocolatier Pascal Bedeur will become your personal Willy Wonka. From chocolate making (yes, it includes tasting!) to crafting, here’s an activity that perfectly combines utility with enjoyment: learning to work the chocolate (called tempering) to dipping (the famous ganache making) and creating decorations, you’ll be treated to a sweet and tender experience. 

A real chocolate journey 

Pascal brings with all the equipment with him to your holiday home. After setting up his tools (including the tempering machine and praline moulds… yum), he’ll take you into this world with a myriad of flavours. The journey begins as soon as you’ve slipped on the aprons provided by your favourite chocolatier and you’ll start your discovery of the beans, grounds, cocoa butter, etc.  

And after theory… You’ve guessed it: practice! Over to you for dipping ganache, spiral, petal or cornet decoration, or the filling… while the chocolate aromas fill the air. On this precious occasion, you’ll give shape to your tastes and desires and take your creations away with you nestled in a small personalised bag. And the tasting doesn’t stop there because as Ardennes-étape’s gourmet guests, you’ll also receive a gift of chocolate treats. The only difficulty will be not to devour it all before the end of your holiday…  

Practical information 

  • Duration of the workshop/experience: 1 hour 30 minutes (1 hour’s preparation beforehand) 
  • Loan of equipment included
  • Minimum age required: from 5 years old 
  • Activity language: FR  
  • Package from 1 to 6 people: €270 (travel included) + €45 per additional person
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A small gift or other exclusive benefit when purchasing your entry ticket(s).

As Ardennes-étape’s gourmet guests, you’ll also receive a gift of chocolate treats.

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Practical informations

Opening hours

Activity possible on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday morning

By appointment made at least one week before the activity

Phone +32.(0)477409055
Address Av. des Martyrs 161a, 4620 Fléron, Belgique