Address :
Rue Forêt-Village 6, 4870 Trooz, Belgique
Duration : 1 to 5 hours, depending on the choice of walk.

The Ferme des Loups is many things: a place, a story, a crafts workshop, a philosophy about living with respect for nature and a local institution. You can explore these many facets through gourmet adventures and tales which invite you to set off on the traces of the she-wolf, equipped with your enchanted backpacks.

Do you know the story of the she-wolfThe story goes that there was a mysterious woman who was able to change into a she-wolf. Or maybe it was a she-wolf who was able to change into a woman? According to legend, one of her concoctions, which is still served at the Ferme des Loups, healed a young Lord. So, will you be able to get to the bottom of these mysteries? To find out, enter the world of the Ferme des Loups, an enchanted and enchanting placeAt the edge of the forest, on the Trooz heights, this quadrilateral château-farm has been transformed into a fascinating zytho-bistro-naturo-tourist centre that promises incredible adventures. Here, a feast for all the senses awaits, so shhhhhh, let yourself be swept away.

Mystery, surprises and gourmet treats!

Curious? Want to find out more? Then select the walk that appeals to you most out of the seven on offer and choose the gourmet option to accompany it. Want some ideas to whet your appetite? We offer a range of different gourmet hampers: Best of Local Produce, Aperitif, Cheese Picnic, Mixed or Prestige. Your taste buds will be well and truly tickled! Come the day, pick up your enchanted backpack from the Ferme des Loups. You will be given a Roadbook , which will guide you along your chosen route. You will also receive a secret code giving you access to the legend of the she-wolf: follow in her tracks, listening to her story on your smartphone, surrounded by nature. And as soon as you start to feel peckish, you’ll have everything you need to enjoy your aperitif and/or picnic in your backpack! Isn’t that magical?

Eager for more? Then you’ll be happy to hear that the Ferme des Loups is home to several artisan workshops: a micro-brewery, an ice-cream maker and a chocolatierIndeed, the master chocolatier will slip a small selection from their workshop into your bag as a special gift for Ardennes-étape customers!

Ardennes-étape Privilege

Ardennes-étape customers receive an exclusive benefit with this experience:

The master chocolatier will slip a small selection from their workshop into your bag as a special gift for Ardennes-étape customers!

When booking, don’t forget to enter the code AEFERMEDESLOUPS to receive your gift. 

When you book a holiday home on our website, you have access to the Ardennes-étape Privilege programme that offers many lovely surprises with our local partners!


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Practical information

Good to know
  • Rucksacks can be picked up on Saturday and Sunday
  • Min. number of participants: 2
  • Parking: you will find spaces in the car park to the side of or behind the Ferme des Loups
  • Dogs allowed on a lead
  • Only the La Louvette walk is accessible with an all-terrain buggy
  • If you are planning to eat in a prairie, take a picnic blanket or cloth for your comfort.
  • The legend is available in adult and child-friendly versions 
  • Price per adult: 18 to 30 euros
  • Price per child: One mixed hamper for two children under the age of 12 = €12
Contact & booking
Opening hours

Information and booking required on Booking is possible up to two hours before the walk, depending on availability (only Saturdays and Sundays). When booking, please enter the code: AEFERMEDESLOUPS


Address of the experience
Rue Forêt-Village 6, 4870 Trooz, Belgique

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