Discover the pleasure of picking wild plants!

Do wild plants fascinate you? Would you like to be able to identify them and know which ones are edible or have medicinal properties?  Don’t look any further… Vanessa, your nature guide, invites you on a walk with a myriad of scents and flavours. 

Are you staying in the Malmedy, Spa, Stoumont and Modave area? Vanessa will join you at your holiday home to set off and discover the mystery of wild plants. What should you bring? A basket to carry what you’ve picked, a notebook to take a few notes and a knife or pair of scissors. Off you go! As you walk, Vanessa will introduce the most interesting plants, taking the time to describe their virtues and revealing their main characteristics: smooth, rough or soft texture… round or serrated leaves… not forgetting the stalk, fruit, etc. It’s time to hone your senses because, to identify them, smell, touch and sight will be your best allies. 

Scents and flavours 

And taste, of course, because you’ll be able to taste a few dishes flavoured with wild plants: tapenade, quiche, gazpacho, cheese… There are many variants that will inspire lots of recipes for you: get your notebooks out! Each season brings a variety of plants and therefore surprises, for infinite combinations. And to quench your thirst for discovery, you’ll be served a drink with wild notes along the way if you happen to be Ardennes-étape customers. You just need to prepare your little basket… 

Practical information: 

  • Duration of the experience: 2 hours 30 minutes/3 hours 
  • Take your basket, a notebook and a knife or pair of scissors.
  • Language: French 
  • €65 for a group of up to 8 people, then +€5 per additional person.
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A small gift or other exclusive benefit when purchasing your entry ticket(s).

As an Ardennes-étape customer, you’ll have the chance to taste a drink made from wild plants

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Practical informations

Opening hours

According to availability

There are three types of walk available: 

  • Spring walk (around April-May) 
  • Summer walk (June, July) 
  • Autumnal walk (September, October, early November) 

Booking required 2 days in advance

Maximum 20 people

Phone +32.(0)499 457204
Address Malmedy, Belgique