Address :
Rue du Coirbois 85, 5580 Rochefort, Belgique
Duration : 2 hours

Do you like travelling through time like we do? If you’re staying near Rochefort, the ideal place for a real Gallo-Roman experience, head to the Archaeopark! The domain highlights three themes: heritage, nature and culture. 

History, heritage and knowledge 

Little archaeologists, come this way! Did you know that Malagne holds vestiges of the past? Thanks to the archaeological digs, we can now understand ancient farming in Malagne. Visit reconstructions, discover the objects and tools of yore or carry out your own searches in the estate’s documentation centre.

An exceptional estate 

The Gallo-Roman villa is located on a 14-hectare estate, listed as natural heritage. You’ll find a vegetable garden where the vegetables and wild plants that were known at the time are grown. Certain areas of the site are ‘Nature Network’ labelled by Natagora while the flower and vegetable gardens are recognised as ‘remarkable gardens’. 

Recently, ‘the Hirundula Rustica nature trail’ was also created. The aim of this new trail is to highlight the fauna, flora and landscape of Malagne, and raise the public’s awareness to its protection.

Calling all art lovers! 

Malagne also offers cultural activities. Temporary exhibitions, art trails... all on the theme of the past. During your visit, create a living connection between yesterday and today’s knowledge and beliefs. 

A little game for families 

Receive the booklet of Jean-Jacques Godelaine, who was an archaeologist on the estate. What do you do with it? Solve a puzzle! On the programme: observations, digs, reflection... Find out about the tragedy that took place in the villa in 1890. 

Historians, naturalists, artists and budding investigators, the estate is a corner of paradise for you!

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Rue du Coirbois 85, 5580 Rochefort, Belgique