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Rue du Coirbois 85, 5580 Rochefort, Belgique

Did you know that 2,000 years ago, one of the largest farms in northern Gaul was between Rochefort and Jemelle? That’s right, in Belgium! This was Malagne, a Gallo-Roman villa that you can see at the Rochefort Archaeopark.

Our land definitely still has lots of surprises in store! You too can set off on a journey to discover these ancient times through listed archaeological heritage! When you visit Malagne, you’ll admire the reconstructed buildings and farming tools from the time, see cereal crops and ancient breeds of horse, cow and sheep, and discover the occupations of the era’s inhabitants or see a Gallo-Roman towed harvester. Not to mention the bakery, brewery or forge. We told you there was a little archaeological gem hidden here!

Agriculture of yore

In total, there are 14 hectares of discovery and fascinating things to learn. You can even watch the archaeological experiments still in progress. And above all, you can walk through the Gallo-Roman flower and vegetable gardens which marked the history of the Roman era. And being one of the largest farms in northern Gaul is no mean feat! No fewer than 350 types of plants were grown here at the time. That’s better than your local supermarket, isn’t it? It’s an opportunity to discover forgotten vegetables and get a few ideas for recipes on a journey through culinary time! Plan your trip: come to the Rochefort Archaeopark!

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