Distance :
Loop :
Difficulty :
Duration : 1h 22
Elevation gain :
Elevation loss :
Starting point : 50.300908,4.750374
Trail created by Vallée de la Meuse Namur-Dinant.

Departure : Maredret Art Gallery.

At the end of the gallery, take the rue des Artisans to the right. Directly at the crossroads, take the small street that goes up in front of you, rue Roland. At the top of this street, take a path on the back left that winds up to the Cour farm. At the next crossroads, continue straight ahead. After 1Km and a pond on the left, take the path on the left which enters the wood. Join a road that you take to the left. After 300m, take a track on the right. Join the street Haie de la Motte that you take to the left on 50m, then directly to the right towards the chapel ND de Grâce. Go back down the rue Neuve Niole towards the rue des Artisans and the starting point.

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