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What to do in the event of damage?

“Nasty surprises can happen to anyone...”

That’s why you get automatic rental damage insurance coverage when you choose to travel with Ardennes-étape. It's included in the General Conditions under article 2.2, and you’ll also find it mentioned in your booking confirmation.

If you do happen to cause some inadvertent damage during your stay, we ask that you let the owner of your holiday home know. You’ll find their contact details in your Customer Space under the “My holidays” tab. You can also take photos of the damage. These photos could be useful.

For damage estimated to be under €100, we’d encourage you to settle the matter out of court and directly with the owner. Together, you should decide a fair amount to deduct from your deposit.

For damage estimated to be €100 and over, the owner of your holiday home may apply for compensation from Schmatz, our insurance broker. In this case, your deposit will be automatically frozen until the application has been resolved.

If our insurance broker intervenes:

  • Wholly. Your deposit will be unfrozen and you’ll be reimbursed as soon as possible. Partially. 
  • Partially. In this case, the owner will be able to keep some of your deposit. The Customer Service team remains available to answer any questions you might have about this.

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