La Réserve d'Animaux Sauvages - Domaine des Grottes de Han

This huge animal park on the Han Cave Domain invites you to discover many different animals. Some of them used to live our forests, others are predators from legends and fairy tales.


Domain Han - Wildlife Park

Want to have an educational and exciting afternoon in the Belgian Ardennes. Come and check out the Domain of the Caves of Han, where you will find the sensational Han Wildlife Park. The guides help you (re)discover the different animals that have always lived in this region, like deer and wild boars.

The Han Wildlife Park is also home to more protected species, like the wild goat, the tarpan, Przewalski Horse or the European bison. Visitors will encounter plenty of fascinating predators, like the wolf, lynx and the brown bear.

Remarkable is the extent of the Domain, the relative freedom all the animals can run around in, and the impressive landscapes such as the gap of Belvaux.

New ! Take the new footpath and visit the upper part of the Reserve! Be closer to the animals and observe them even better. Take your time to observe and to enjoy the magnificent panoramas.

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