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Namur, the Walloon capital, is a lively city, cut in half by the river Meuse. The many tourist attractions, such as the citadel, make Namur the perfect city for a good hike. In a town with that many pedestrian streets, little shops and a casino it’s simply impossible to get bored.

Perfume Studio Guy Delforge in Province of Namur

Perfume Studio Guy Delforge [Province of Namur] [1km]

The Perfume Studio Guy Delforge, unique in Northern Europe, explains the many delicate stages of the perfume production process. All this takes place in the Namur citadel, on the edge of the Belgian Ardennes.

Citadel of Namur in Province of Namur

Citadel of Namur [Province of Namur] [1km]

The Namur Citadel is a great historical monument and breathes mystery and adventure. Its walls tell you the anecdotes of the past. Guided hikes, underground visits, museums, events, restaurants,...

Promenades à la Citadelle de Namur in Province of Namur

Promenades à la Citadelle de Namur [Province of Namur] [1km]

Hikes on and around the Namur Citadel, showing you the most impressive panoramic sights. Hiking maps are available, almost for free.

Petit Train de la Citadelle de Namur in Province of Namur

Petit Train de la Citadelle de Namur [Province of Namur] [1km]

This new little stopping train takes you on a trip over the Namur Citadel and its ancient walls. On the way you'll enjoy the most amazing views from the wide area.

Pirouette Namur in Province of Namur

Pirouette Namur [Province of Namur] [1km]

Pirouette ou le paradis des enfants ! Si vos joyeux bambins veulent se défouler et s'amuser en toute sécurité, vous y trouverez des infrastructures adaptées qui émerveilleront à souhait vos enfants.

Parc d'Attraction Reine Fabiola in Province of Namur

Parc d'Attraction Reine Fabiola [Province of Namur] [1km]

Le parc attractif Reine Fabiola, à Namur, est la sortie idéale avec les enfants de 2,5 ans à 12 ans. Espace plaine de jeux, escalade, minigolf, trampolines, châteaux gonflables... tout est prévu pour l'amusement des plus jeunes!

La Namourette, croisières in Province of Namur

La Namourette, croisières [Province of Namur] [3km]

Petite péniche très agréable sur les rives de Namur.