Who we are

Ardennes-étape is THE go-to website  for curating a unique stay at a holiday home in the Ardennes. We are passionate about connecting people with the best of what the Ardennes has to offer.

Our offices have been based in Stavelot since 2016 and our staff is present across all the areas we serve.

We are both:

  • a reliable interface for fans of the Ardennes looking to experience a unique stay in a holiday home AND
  • A trusted partner for holiday homeowners who rely on us to rent out their properties.

In parallel, we work alongside local partners offering experiences that align with our values.

Our mission

We curate a unique portfolio of standalone holiday homes and leisure activities in the Ardennes to create unforgettable holiday experiences in a balanced ecosystem encompassing guests, hosts, the local community, and nature.

Our vision

At Ardennes-étape, we use tourism to support economic development, local communities, and the natural environment in the Ardennes.

Our values

Our business is built on

  • reliability: trust and honesty are key to our success and that of the holidays we offer. It is also the foundation of our relationship with homeowners.
  • expertise: our staff knows the region by heart and has specialist knowledge of all aspects of our business. We are passionate about the region and its many wonders, and we want to share this passion with our clients and partners. We remain open and curious to nourish this expertise.
  • human relationships: behind our online interface, you will find a tight-knit team that is diverse, agile, and attentive, with a local presence. We will do everything we can to offer support with a personal touch to owners and renters.
  • flexibility: our wide-ranging experience enables us to anticipate all sorts of needs so that we can simplify and optimise the organisation of a stay. Our platform has been designed to be straightforward, clear, and efficient.
  • the experience: because staying somewhere, whether for work or leisure, should be about how it makes you feel, we offer unique experiences that offer a thrilling and authentic taste of the Ardennes. No matter what you’re looking for, we will use all our creativity to offer something real and unforgettable.

Our social responsibility

Its natural environment is what makes the Ardennes such a fantastic and exceptional region of Belgium. We have therefore made a commitment to preserving this environment. How?

  1. We encourage our clients to enjoy the Ardennes responsibly by promoting attitudes and activities that respect the environment.
  2. For example, we have worked alongside Natagora for over five years. We have contributed to setting up several nature reserves in the Ardennes. And we are involved in the LIFE Nardus project to restore and preserve (semi-)natural habitats in the western Ardennes. This collaboration is through financial support and sharing skills. Our employees are thus able to actively take part in these projects that mean so much to them. Finally, we support the Réseau Nature, which is aimed at the gardens of holiday homeowners.
  3. In tandem, we have been bringing a new dimension to this commitment since 2022 by also involving our partners and suppliers, and by applying new standards to our own way of doing business.

The way we work

At Ardennes-étape...

We focus on what’s important.

We are conscious of the impact we have on the environment and we take our responsibilities seriously.

We valorise our teams based on the work they do, plain and simple.

We see every day as a new start; we are always moving forward.

We are at the service of a community that is passionate about the Ardennes, and we have a global vision.