Address :
Rue de la Girafe 4, 6832 Bouillon, Belgique
Duration : 1 hour

Keen to restore your inner self? To reconnect with yourself? Or simply to enjoy a wonderful experience? As a yoga teacher, Marie will take you into the heart of nature for a yoga session lasting one hour, during which you will listen to your mind and your senses…

Nature, with all its beauty and wisdom, invites you to let go in its magical universe. So, close your eyes and listen. The sound of the wind in the leaves, birds singing, the river lapping, the heat of the sun. Sometimes the silence too. Your whole body will resonate to the sounds and sensations of the forest. After all, practising yoga in the forest allows you to experiment with some new sensations due to the contact with all of these outdoor elements. To make the most of the present moment, to be fully aware of it and to enjoy it. Thanks to the fresh air, the impact of the breathing exercises is heightened, and your body receives more oxygen, making it more relaxed or revitalised.

A revitalising forest immersion

You will relax for one hour thanks to Marie’s exercises, which range from building awareness of your body, a little meditation, some pranayama (controlled breathing), asanas and some final relaxation. Never done any yoga? No worries, Marie will adapt her lesson to each participant. Here, confronted with yourself, you will question yourself and cast away the physical and mental stress. You will feel your body intensely and reconnect with yourself.After the lesson, the benefits are immediate: lots of lovely energy for the rest of the day. And as a bonus, as a customer of Ardennes-étape, you will receive something homemade and sweet to share at tea time!  A lovely sweet touch to end this timeless moment.

Ardennes-étape Privilege

Ardennes-étape customers receive an exclusive benefit with this experience:

At the end of the session, customers will receive something homemade and sweet to share at tea time!

When you book a holiday home on our website, you have access to the Ardennes-étape Privilege programme that offers many lovely surprises with our local partners!

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Practical information

Good to know
  • The yoga session in the heart of nature is offered within a range of 15 km around Sensenruth. Maximum number of people: 16 participants
  • In the case of bad weather, the session can also be done in your holiday home or in Marie’s yoga studio (maximum 8 people). 

The price for this workshop in your holiday home is €80, and €60 for groups who come to the yoga studio.

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Rue de la Girafe 4, 6832 Bouillon, Belgique