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Celles, 5561 Houyet, Belgique

There are some places straight out of fairy tales that will have the whole family gazing open-mouthed at castle towers. This is the case with Celles, which is also one of the ‘Most Beautiful Villages in Wallonia.’ Its story begins at the bottom of a small valley surrounded by hills...

It all started in the 2nd century, a time when the people there worshiped the Roman god Neptune. It wasn't until the arrival of Saint Hadelin in the 7th century that the small town converted to Christianity. Wanting to distance himself from civilisation, Saint Hadelin built a hermitage there, made up a number of rooms, or chambers, called ‘cella’ in Latin. Yep, you’ve guessed it - it’s from these that the village takes its name! Standing high above the village, the hermitage boasts a breathtaking view. The collegiate church of Saint Hadelin down the hill, a masterpiece of Romanesque architecture and recognised as a heritage asset by the government of Wallonia, is no less magnificent. As is the village centre, flowery and welcoming, where there’s plenty to see: the fountain, the Panther tank, the Chemin de Croix path between the village and the hermitage... We weren't exaggerating when we said that Celles was beautiful!

A Fairytale Castle

Speaking of beauty, we can’t not mention the Château de Vêves. Considered on of the finest medieval castles in the country, it has been listed as one of Wallonia’s most outstanding monuments and it’s easy to see why. Standing proud and imposing in its spot overlooking the valley, the Château de Vêves will capture your imagination, and it’s just as beautiful inside as it is from the outside. Make sure you go in and have a look around! With the beautiful wood panelling, exquisite furniture, impressive galleries and enormous rooms, staircases and terraces, you’ll be transported to another time where tales and legends come to life...

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