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What are the rules for using the swimming pool, sauna and jacuzzi?

The wellness regulations state the availability period, possible time schedule, and specific conditions of use. 

Here are the wellness rules to be observed in the swimming pools, saunas, hammams and jacuzzis of Ardennes-Etape holiday homes: 

  • do not use shampoo or soap; 
  • no food or drinks allowed; 
  • carefully washed bare feet or sandals, which are provided for this purpose; 
  • shower before to remove all traces of cream, makeup and the like; 
  • wear a bathing suit or clean clothes that are suitable for swimming;  
  • keep your keys, phones and other items in a safe place and avoid scratching the pool coverings; 
  • children must be supervised by their parents or adults in charge; 
  • pets are not allowed; 
  • people in a state of intoxication or suffering from contagious diseases are not allowed in swimming pools, saunas, hammams and jacuzzis;  
  • no smoking; 
  • to save energy, remember to cover the pool or jacuzzi and respect the other instructions in the wellness rules of your rental; 
  • owners decline all responsibility for accidents caused by users. 

For swimming pools: the games that you bring are specifically designed for swimming. 

For indoor swimming pools: leave air dehumidifiers on, in order to prevent mould. 

The wellness regulations are available here.

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