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Castle of Franchimont

The Franchimont castle in Theux is a must-see during your hikes in this lovely region. This fortification is an impressive piece of architecture in the Belgian Ardennes


Franchimont Castle

The Franchimont Castle, former stronghold of the Principality of Liège, has been classified as Exceptional Wallonia heritage. It’s an extraordinary gem in the Belgian Ardennes, and a rare example of zeldzaam of the shift in the Renaissance defense system. It bears witness to the enrichment of the early 16th century.

On site you will find: a reception desk where you can buy entrance tickets, an exposition area showing scale models and ancient objects found during the digging, a video area with 50 seats and restrooms.

The tour that takes you to the impressive ruins allows you to visit the bunkers that lead to old artillery casemates. The castle also has a 1-to-1 windlass replica on which the modern crane is based.

The Compagnons de Franchimont are the ones organizing the visits since 2004. This group has been fighting since 1967 in order to preserve the castle.

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