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Val du Roba

A nice and quiet place, perfect for fishing in the Belgian Ardennes. Drinks and snacks available on site.  

Fishery “Val du Roba”

The water in the rivers, ponds and lakes in the East Cantons and the Belgian Ardennes has a great reputation amongst fishermen. The Fishery “Val du Roba” is located in Ligneuville, a small village close to Malmedy, in the heart of the Belgian Ardennes. There are about five lakes and the peace and quiet in the area are just lovely.

Elsi, the owner, does everything in here power to preserve this piece of nature. She welcomes you for a drink or a snack.

Feel like fishing in the Ardennes? Pêcherie "Val du Roba" is expecting you.

Pond 1: per half a day
Pond 2: per hour
Pond 3, 4 and 5: reservation required, for groups only

No material for rent on site.

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