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Rue de la Girafe 4, 6832 Bouillon, Belgique

Fancy a somewhat different parents and children experience? Then, you are sure to adore this workshop: an activity that aims to be fun and will awaken your senses with a range of exercises based on sharing and caring. We promise you, the kids will be impressed!

Spend some me time, together, focusing on nothing but yourselves and enjoy a moment you will all remember. You dream of it, and Marie will take care of it: in your holiday home (yes, yes, she’ll come to you if you like), you will spend one hour together, focusing on life and, respect for yourself and one another. No, not just in any old way, but based on a story. She makes yoga great fun, with some loud breathing, the odd shout, and imitation of animals as you stretch that body. All kinds of things to cleverly capture the children’s attention, making them interested to try a out new game, and giving them a taste of a different kind of energy.

An activity off the beaten track

Marie’s objective? To make you feel good. To let you be you, guided by your own rhythm, in a pleasant, gentle, sharing and respectful environment. After all, yoga is also about:  exercise, breathing properly, relaxation, nurturing a positive mindset. So, in the middle of your busy day, press pause to spend a moment when you forget the clock, when you connect to yourself and with other members of the family. Plenty to relax, entertain and re-energise all of you and yours… Then, as you will see, enhancing the help and goodwill within the family, according to Marie!

And as a bonus, as a customer of Ardennes-étape, you will receive something homemade and sweet to share at tea time!  A lovely sweet touch to end this timeless moment. 

Ardennes-étape Privilege

Ardennes-étape customers receive an exclusive benefit with this experience:

At the end of the session, customers will receive something homemade and sweet to share at tea time!

When you book a holiday home on our website, you have access to the Ardennes-étape Privilege programme that offers many lovely surprises with our local partners!

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  • Address of this experience: at your holiday home provided you are no more than 15 km from Sensenruth OR in Marie’s yoga studio at Rue de la Girafe 4, 6832 Sensenruth  
  • Number of participants: Max 8 people in the yoga studio, and 16 if the activity is done at your holiday home 

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Rue de la Girafe 4, 6832 Bouillon, Belgique