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The Bois du Cazier is located in the south of Charleroi. It is a very important cultural place situated in a building that is part of our industrial heritage. Nestled amid the nature, this building with its marvellous architecture is the perfect departure point for walks among the three slag heaps.


Le Bois du Cazier

The Bois du Cazieris since 2012 on the UNESCO list of recognized industrial heritage. It proposes on a background of an important piece of industrial heritage museums (free visits or with audio guide) and a wooded domain of 25 ha which is perfect for walks.


In the wake of the Industrial Revolution, the Charleroi region became one of the principal centres of economic activity in Belgium. It is this changing world which the Industry Museum tries to bring back to life. Discover the new film shown as an introduction to the visit and realised with the splendid technique of mapping 3D!


Under a serrated roof, between piping, hearths, pile-drivers and machine tools, a raw setting is home to various activities such as the work of the forge and the foundry as well as glass-blowing.


Completing the coal-iron-glass trilogy which made the fame and prosperity of the Charleroi region, it is housed in the old lamp store, with its extension, a contemporary structure of glass and steel. The collections are presented from an innovative angle: a backwards chronology invites the visitor on a completely new voyage, from the present day to the origins of glass. And to finish off the visit, a demonstration of glass-blowing with a blowtorch in the workshop.


The Bois du Cazier has become a place of memory that honours the 262 miners who died in the mining disaster of the 8th August 1956. It tries to keep the memory alive thanks to….

  • Museum space 8th August 1956: it concerns an information centre dedicated to the mining disaster that took place on the 8th of August 1956, to security at the working space and to the migration phenomena. Films, photos, testimonials and technical explications tell the story, hour after hour, day after day, of the disaster and the rescue operations.
  • The Memorial: this place is dedicated to the 262 victims from the disaster. The portraits and the sounds bring each one of them alive and illustrate the tragic impact for their families. Many places and buildings such as the new « Rescuers » place; or the worker’s accommodation, illustrate the “restoration” attempts of the Bois du Cazier, that truly became a place of memory for all those families who lost someone in the tragedy that occurred on this sad day in 1956.

The Bois du Cazier consists also of a wooded domain of 25 hectares, laid out as a semi-natural park, which makes it possible to discover a particular biotope. Walking paths, accessible to the public, criss-cross the three slagheaps.

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