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Autumn feeling: 6 tips for turning fall into the best season of the year

The Autumn is the most colorful season of the year and many claim it to be the most beautiful as well. The colored leaves, the scent of hot chocolate milk and the taste of roasted chestnuts put a smile on everyone’s face. In order to make sure that fall becomes the best season of the year for you, we have listed 6 tips. 


Tip 1: Spending the night in a holiday home with fireplace

The entire fall magic starts with the right setting. Nothing beats a cozy holiday home with fireplace! Sipping gently on a mug filled with hot chocolate milk while sitting in front of the fireplace, forms a base for memorable stories, deep conversations and 100% happiness!


Tip 2: Tasting delicious game dishes

When you think of autumn, you think of game! October is the start of the hunting season on hares, wild swines, pheasants and deer. In fact, game is a natural bio product and contains a lot of Omega 3. This means that it doesn’t only taste good, but that it’s healthy as well! Vegetarians can also enjoy tasty dishes in this period of the year: think of wild mushrooms. Many restaurants in the Belgian Ardennes work with seasonal local products and will turn your taste buds upside down!


Tip 3: A good nature walk

During fall, the Ardennes nature is at its best! This means that a good old nature walk becomes a must-do. From the beautiful hilly landscapes such as the High Fens, to the flowing rivers such as the Ourthe and the impressive caves, every nature lover will feel at home in this beautiful region.


Tip 4: It’s time for Wellness

Loosening your muscles on a good walk during the day, relaxing them in the evening thanks to the lovely invention of wellness facilities. Relax mind and body in the sauna, jacuzzi, swimming pool, or in all three of them! After spending some time over here, you will feel totally rejuvenated!


Tip 5: Taking your 4-legged friend on an adventure

We’re talking about your dog, of course! Luckily, you can find tons of dog friendly vacation homes in the Belgian Ardennes. And on top of that, you and your dog are more than welcome in these restaurants. Bon appétit!


Tip 6: The more, the merrier

Besides enjoying the coziness of the fireplace, also take your time to cherish the beautiful moments that you spend with your loved ones, whether they are your friends or your family. Enjoying quality time in the Ardennes, together, definitely makes this year’s autumn unforgettable! 


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