Christmas cribs from all over the world and in many different sizes and materials are shown in the Arskrippana Museum in Bullange at the edge of the Belgian Ardennes. The museum was founded in 1975 and is a great spot to get into the Christmas mood.  

Arskrippana - Museum of Christmas Cribs

The Arskrippana Museum in Bullange, in the Belgian Ardennes close to the German border, is home to the largest collection of Christmas cribs in Europe.

The museum was founded in 1975 and after ten years already major construction works were needed in order to expand the collection.

Christmas cribs from all over the world are shown on the 2,500 square metre exhibition area. A permanent exhibition covers “Le monde de rêve de la poupée” (“A doll’s dream world”) and on site you will find a souvenir shop.

Diversity in the museum is excellent. Some cribs are just a few centimetres wide, others are several square metres, and they come from everywhere (Spain, Brazil, Germany, Malta, Italy, Belgium, France, The Netherlands, Mexico, Taiwan, Singapore,...). Temporary exhibitions focus on one culture or one liturgical theme.

We recommend visiting the museum the weeks before Christmas to get in the mood. Children will love this exhibition and won’t know where first to look.

Positive points

+ Different levels are interconnected by ramps which makes the museum wheelchair accessible.
+ A complete information booklet is available at the entrance.

Negative point

- It’s a museum about Christmas cribs, Christmas cribs, and some more cribs. If they Christmas is not really your cup of tea, you may get bored rather quickly.

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